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They arrest a suspect in the murder of Jaime Villagomez, it happened in Samborondón

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The last May 20, 2022 an unfortunate murder has sown terror in area 8 of Guayas. In the canton of Samborondón, a man was shot dead in a restaurant around midnight.

On board a motorcycle, two subjects arrived at a restaurant to commit the crime. They came in and shot the victim of 32 years old in front of their loved ones; They left the scene without fear of being arrested.

Jaime Villagomez Fayad was the man attacked, the act was surprising since the latter was not involved in any illegal activity and it was speculated that his death was a mistake.

Almost a month later, the National Police and Prosecutor’s Office of Ecuador One of the suspects has been arrested. They have crossed out that after a few hours charges will be filed against them.

Nine days ago, the Villagómez family released a statement expressing their desire for justice. “We hope that the actions taken will soon yield concrete results and that the culprits will be caught, let us pay the full weight of the law”, Jaime’s family pointed out, who was a professional who worked in a mobile phone company.

A month after the crime, the government is known to have offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who provided information leading to the culprits. Additionally, the police used the thesis that Villagómez’s killer was waiting for him at the restaurant the night of the crime.

out of national strike Crossing the country, a wave of violence bloodied several provinces. From January to April 2022, the number of violent deaths easily exceeded 1,200.

A chapter of its own deserves the prison crisis which, over the past two years, has claimed the lives of more than 400 inmates in bloody clashes between rival clans and their divisions involved in the drug trade, who are quarreling at the same time control of prisons and streets.

Violence in prisons has been exponential: in 2020, 46 prisoners were killed, a year later they rose to 316 in different massacres, and this 2022 is on the way to repeating the pattern by currently accumulating 64 dead, the last in a butcher’s shop with 44 corpses piled up in the courtyard of the Santo Domingo prison.

Source metroecuador.com

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