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These stars care about the environment

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What do sustainability and sustainable development mean?

The “Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation” has its own Definition of the term sustainability found: “Sustainability or sustainable development means meeting the needs of the present in such a way that the possibilities of future generations are not limited. It is important to consider the three dimensions of sustainability – economically efficient, socially just, ecologically viable – on a basis In order to preserve our global resources in the long term, sustainability should be the basis of all political decisions.

Living sustainably – but how?

Whether Climate change, pollution, plastic in the sea – we have countless associations when it comes to sustainability. Sustainability concerns us all. In the meantime, it is no longer just a trend, but above all it has become a positive attitude towards life. So live sustainably It’s not that hard, just find the beginning once. Everyone can take responsibility for their own ecological footprint – and therefore also for their own CO2 emissions – to resume. Sustainability works best when we environmental protection integrate into our daily lives and ours way of life rethink. This means consuming less, shopping regionally and seasonally, eating less meat, using LED lights, cycling, etc. What can each of us do concretely to live sustainably? Check out the best sustainability tips here.

Can sustainability stop climate change?

Heat waves make us feel the consequences of climate change. But instead of frying in the heat, we must above all ask ourselves a question: what can be done to protect the climate? Everyone can contribute to climate protection. Reasonable measures and solutions to address climate change include:

There are many other tips that we can use to fight climate change in our daily lives. Climate protection starts small. And each of us can contribute.



Source www.gala.de

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