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These features are new in Google Maps


Monuments and bike tours
These features are new in Google Maps

Google is giving “Maps” an AI-driven update.

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The most popular of all map apps gets three new features. What you need to know about updating Google Maps.

Whoever finds that there is nothing to improve on “Google Maps” has done the calculation without the developers of the IT giant. They’ve come up with three new features that take you on vast exploration tours on the screen. They mainly use artificial intelligence to get even more out of the service. These are the three new features of “Google Maps”.

Sightseeing with AI

“Plans” (android/iOS) users the ability to upload photos from anywhere. This happens especially often in famous places like the Empire State Building in New York, Big Ben in London or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Now Google is giving all that data – and others like satellite imagery and Street View – to an artificial intelligence, which uses it to create 360-degree aerial photography. Finding it is child’s play: just type the viewfinder of your choice in the search bar and the recording of the animated image appears in the photo area. This is a short video that is impossible to interact with, but provides an interesting insight into the respective view and its surroundings. If you can’t find the feature on your device yet, you don’t need to wait any longer: as this is a server-side update, the rollout will take a few days – older devices may also do so, the short videos in the app to represent.

More information for cyclists

Navigation by “Maps” by bike has been standard in the application for more than twelve years. However, navigation has so far paid little attention to aspects such as slopes or traffic density. This changes with the latest update. “Maps” not only shows the elevation profile of a route in the future, but also provides more detailed information about the course of the route. Even before the trip, users can find out whether the route takes them along busy main roads or quiet side roads. Here, too, artificial intelligence is used, which Google would like to rely on even more in the future, as the company in his blog says, “AI will continue to play a crucial role in making Google Maps an even more complete and useful map for people around the world.”

Where are my friends?

Sharing your position with friends is already possible today via “Maps”. Users can choose whether they only want to make their GPS location visible for a certain time or until the feature is disabled again. Google also leaves it up to its users with whom they share this information. In order to deepen the functionality, “Maps” now offers the possibility to be informed by push notification when someone has reached a certain location. There are many application examples for this: from large crowds such as concerts, where it is easy to get lost, to the classic “Please contact us when you get home”. If you arrive at the specified location, the people you have shared your location with and have notifications turned on will automatically receive a notification.



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