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These cryptocurrencies could be the next Shiba Inu… Get to know them

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These cryptocurrencies could be the next Shiba Inu… Get to know them

Shiba Inu is a legendary currency, not because it has a utility or offers something new and different in the world of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies. But because luck agreed to reach numbers that were not expected at all to reach this coin. The great success of the Shiba Inu has led many to create similar coins. It bears names like Shiba Gold or ShibaDog, among others. Although it is very rare to see coins that can achieve what the Shiba Inu has achieved, there are coins that can achieve relatively the same success. We have done our research and digging to bring you the following list.

ApeCoin cryptocurrency

We don’t know where he started, but he’s been a huge and terrifying media celebrity. We have provided a full article about it which you can view here. There was a lot of news about the cryptocurrency and the new Ecosystem that it brings, and its price went up a lot at its launch, and it had a very large investment. Especially since its launch did not happen in a formative way, but completely. Since the first day of its launch, ApeCoin has been available on various cryptocurrency and crypto trading and investment platforms. The Ape (monkey) in the name of the coin represents a group of the most popular NFT packages called Bored Ape. Which could be the reason why this cryptocurrency is so popular.

Axie Infinity Cryptocurrency

Axie Infinity went almost the same way as Shiba Inu, not with the same percentage of gains, but close. If the price of a cryptocurrency is $0.5 and then moves in less than a year to around $200, it is a wonder in the world of cryptocurrencies and digital currencies. The Axie Infinity coin has its own uses as it is used in Play 2 Earn games, especially those affiliated with the Axie Infinity platform itself. If you had bought this coin in your childhood, your amount would have grown by about 4000% by the time you reached the coin’s highest market value.

cryptocurrency polygon

The Polygon coin is one of the coins that has suffered a lot, especially after changing its name. Because the coin has yet to receive the praise it deserves, it may not achieve the same success as cryptocurrencies like the Shiba Inu. But the possibility of it increasing is really scary. The price of the Polygon coin is currently $1.62, knowing that its price started at $0.01. Mathematically, it is the same approximate percentage as the Shiba Inu ascension, not the same length, but close to it. However, Polygon Coin is not yet at its peak and may still provide many, many more in the future. All you need is a simple boost from cryptocurrency backing projects.

Cryptocurrency clover finance

For the first time in the history of our blog, Crypto Capital, we are going to suggest Clover Finance, and we will be happy to provide you with a full article about it. The CLV coin was used in reverse in this article as it had its first starting price of $1.15 but has dropped to its current price of $0.3. It is a good opportunity to buy this cryptocurrency since it is at its lowest levels. The coin aims to realize the concept of purchases and communication through the Ethereum protocol and the EVM system. In general, there are many projects in which the CLV coin has been mortgaged. Not only that, but when it launched, experts expected it to fetch into the tens of dollars, but the exact opposite happened. This tells us that this coin is already capable of reaching tens of dollars. You can achieve the same result as Axie, who started at $0.5 and is currently at $60.

Articles on cryptocurrencies and tokens are not investment advice, trading and investing in cryptocurrencies has very high risks compared to local stock trading, so it should be noted #

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