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These are the expensive gifts that Anuel AA gave his wife Yailin

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Since they started their relationship and until now they are married, Annual AA gave Yailin expensive gifts, which gave a lot to say among the fans.

Some point out that The influencer is only with reggaeton for the fame and the money.

The gifts that Anuel AA gave to his wife

Something that the artist usually gives to his partners are luxury cars, Well, he gave several to Karol while he was with her.

So with Yailin you couldn’t stay behind and gave her a white vehicle which she showed off via her instagram account.

“Thank you my king for my new toy,” the singer also wrote in an Instagram post.

Anuel AA closed a restaurant for a party

One of the most special gifts The singer confided in his partner when he ordered the closure of a restaurant to celebrate his 20th birthday.

He even asked to decorate the place with balloons and photographs of the two.

Yailin’s Pet

Through his Instagram stories, The young woman assumed that her husband had given her a puppy which she named “Chivirika”.

“Look, this dog, Anuel bought him from me, 11 thousand dollars for him,” Yailin said and what caught the most attention was that he kept showing the cost of the present.

“I would have given this money to street children”, “I would have invested this money to help so many sick children who cannot afford their medicine” and “I should give him a brain”, are some of the comments that emerged.

Once, The couple were caught walking in a mall, next to the puppy and followed by a bodyguard.

Other gifts the artist received include a painting of the two, a necklace worth around $80,000 and her engagement ring.

Source metroecuador.com

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