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There is no date or time for the dialogue between Lasso and Iza

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With five days of protests and with a larger contingent of mostly indigenous social groups planning to enter Quito the national strike is far from over. For his part, the Government continues to encourage dialogue, a tool that has yet to bear fruit.

This Friday, the President Guillaume Lasso met with representatives of AME, CONGOPE and UNARIC. They underlined that they had urged the CONAIE for a dialogue and thus discuss the best solutions for your decalogue of proposals.

The Minister of Government, Francisco Jimenezemphasized that the state will not allow another October 2019 to repeat itself. “We are here to defend the Constitution, the law and peace in the Republic.”

“We have other challenges that need to be tackled together, in a coordinated way, in an organized way. The tools we have are to persevere on the path we have already set out, to maintain openness to dialogue and to seek solutions to the problems that have arisen and to apply the law.

“It is never a threat to say that the law and the Constitution are present. It is our duty as a government to continue the dialogue with those who feel unhappy in Ecuador. We are sure that we will find collective solutions,” he underlined after having held a meeting with these social actors.

“We must not postpone these meetings any longer. Here we are ready. Build this dialogue bridge. It is important to review these 10 points; that we can agree; and why not find compensation mechanisms”, added Franklin Galarza representative of SOUL.

“We made phone calls and representations to AME officials. Let us know the date, time and place to play cards on the table. The ball is in the court of Leonidas Iza and CONAIE”Galarza pointed out.

“To sit at a table, you need two people. The invitation has been made and public. We hope that in the next few hours or days we will have an official response from CONAIE. The doors of the Palace are open.” finished the government minister.

Secretary General of UNORIC he appealed to all bases and organizations to seek a peaceful solution by the people and for the people. “We don’t want more violence, only then can we move on.”

Source metroecuador.com

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