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the “young world” may be mentioned

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The daily “junge Welt” does not have to be withdrawn from the reports of the Federal Ministry of the Interior on the protection of the constitution for the time being after an emergency decision of the Berlin Administrative Court. According to its own statements, the court on Monday rejected an urgent request from Berlin, with which the publishers wanted to force the authority to temporarily refrain from mentioning it until a decision on the corresponding lawsuit was made.

[Der tägliche Nachrichtenüberblick aus der Hauptstadt: Schon rund 57.000 Leser:innen informieren sich zweimal täglich mit unseren kompakten überregionalen Newslettern. Melden Sie sich jetzt kostenlos hier an.]

In the reports published by the Ministry for the Protection of the Constitution for the years 1998, 1999, 2002 and 2004 to 2020, the “young world” is listed as a communist-oriented newspaper. The administrative court justified its decision by saying that Publisher-GmbH could be expected to wait for the main proceedings.

covered by law

Publishers have accepted the practice of the Federal Ministry of the Interior for many years. Otherwise, the claim for precautionary measure raised is not admissible. The complaint is protected by the Federal Law of Constitutional Protection. In this sense, the Ministry will be able to inform the citizenry about acts and actions contrary to the free democratic basic order, provided that there are factual indications of sufficient weight. The “young world” fights for the establishment of a socialist-communist social order according to the classical Marxist-Leninist understanding. To do this, they propagate a social order with a unitary party system.

An appeal against the decision can be lodged with the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg. (epd)

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