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The World Energy Forum announces the winners of the “Builders of a Green Future” award

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The World Energy Forum, organized in association with the Atlantic Council, as part of the World Summit of Governments 2022, saw the announcement of the winners of the “Builders of the Green Future Award”, which aims to honor innovative methods and technologies pioneers that contribute effectively to achieve climate goals and reduce carbon emissions and bring them to zero in different parts of the world.
The list of winners of the “Builders of the Green Future” award, organized in collaboration with the UK Department for International Trade, included a group of innovative start-ups, including Joe Parker, founder of Solives, E McKenzie, director of Trojan Energy, and Julie Sheen, co-founder of Czech Panda, Ernst Van, CEO of Roslyn Technologies, and Ben Turner, CEO of Origin.

Generate more power
Resolve works on the production of photovoltaic panels that can generate greater amounts of energy in a smaller space and provides integrated solutions for charging electric cars in the field of clean energy.

Transition to clean energy
Trojan Energy specializes in the production of clean energy vehicle supply systems, develops complementary technologies for this promising industry, employs around 18 staff and currently owns around 120 charging points in Britain and aims to reach around 1000 points during the next period.

Reduction of pollutants and harmful emissions The company “Cheke Panda” produces high-quality, sustainable and pollutant-free wipes and is present in more than 20 markets around the world and seeks to contribute to the reduction of pollutants and harmful emissions. it also obtained many international licenses and accreditations.

Affordable and sustainable meat
Rosslyn Technologies specializes in the production of sustainable meat from stem cells and aims to provide safe and affordable meat. Their products are 70% less expensive than natural meat and do not require the animals to be skinned, so they do not harm the environment. The company currently operates in Britain, France and other markets, aspires to enter the Middle East market.

Innovative citrus decarbonization techniques
As for Origin, it works to develop innovative technologies to decarbonise citrus fruits in a sustainable and safe way that benefit the environment and contribute to improving people’s lives and maintaining their health for the benefit of societies.

It is worth noting that the World Government Summit 2022 attracts 4,000 heads of state, presidents, heads of government, ministers, senior officials, heads of international organizations, global experts and prospects and tools to forecast their future prospects in the coming decades to create a better future for human beings.


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