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The Women’s Institute presents guidelines for conducting equal pay audits

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The Women’s Institute presented this Tuesday the “Guide to conducting salary reviews from a gender perspective”, which the body itself carried out together with the Ministry of Labour, the most representative trade unions CCOO and UGT and the business associations CEOE and CEPYME.

As the institute explains in a statement, this document corresponds to the third additional provision of the decree on equal pay for women and men.

In this sense, they have stated that the purpose of the audit is to obtain the information necessary to verify that the company’s remuneration system is in line with the effective application of the principle of equality between women and men.

It also allows to define the necessities to avoid, correct and prevent existing or emerging obstacles, to ensure equal pay and to ensure the transparency and monitoring of the system implemented, as indicated by the body subordinate to the Ministry of Equality .

In this case, as he pointed out, the guide explains in a simple way, in ten steps, the content that a salary review must include with a gender perspective.

“First of all, before the audit is carried out, companies must have created a remuneration balance sheet and a job evaluation in order to identify possible gender gaps in the company,” explained the women’s institute.

She also pointed out that the examination must include the analysis of working conditions and the responsible exercise of the rights of private, family and working life.

Finally, companies need to analyze the information on the under-representation of women and assess whether there is a clear male or female dominance in the different areas of the company.

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