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The women’s 4×100 takes a historic fifth place in the World Cup with a new record for Spain



The women’s 4x100m, consisting of Sonia Molina Prados, Jaël Sakura Bestué, Paula Sevilla and Maribel Pérez, finished fifth at the Eugene World Championships finals in Oregon (USA), beating the Spanish record again with a time of 42.58.

The Spanish quartet, who qualified for the championship final for the first time on Saturday and beat the Spanish record, improved their Spanish record again in Sunday’s final to finish fifth, the second-best European team at the event.

Sonia Molina Prados, Jaël Sakura Bestué, Paula Sevilla and Maribel Pérez have once again outdone themselves at Hayward Field, beating three continental powers including Britain, Switzerland and Italy, the current champions, fourth and seventh in Europe. In the final, the United States beat outstanding Jamaica with the entire 100-meter podium. The locals matched a time of 41.14 by the Antilles’ 41.18.

The reliner order has not changed from the playoffs. Sonia Molina Prados came off the blocks and marked an 11.86 split in the corner that put Spain in eighth place. Jaël Sakura Bestué’s acceleration in the opposite direction with a partial score of 10.24 (fifth fastest) was not enough to improve positions; but with a perfect transition from Paula Sevilla, everything would change. The Solanera took the corner in 10.42 (fourth fastest) and handed the witnesses to Maribel Pérez in sixth place, despite being very level with Italy who finished seventh.

In this final phase, the Spanish captain became a giant. Escorted on the right by Jamaican Shericka Jackson, world 200m champion and runner-up in the 100m, and on the left by American Twanisha Terry, Pérez didn’t give in to the pressure and showed her best version. He ran the last post in 10.06 and crossed the finish line in an historic fifth place.

This fifth place Spain adds eight finalist places in the World Cup, including the two bronze medals of Asier Martínez in the 110 hurdles and Mohamed Katir in the 1,500. The record of 42.58 makes a total of 112 Spanish records broken in 2022, 38 of them in the absolute category, 23 of them by women.

Additionally, Fátima Diame contested the women’s length classification Saturday morning in Oregon and stayed out of the finals by finishing 16th overall, ninth in her group. The Valencian rose to 6.54 meters in the first round. However, he paid for the two zeros on the second and third attempts and ended up losing places.


Source europapress.es

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