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The winding drive to the center of Feijóo

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Alberto Núñez Feijóo, on July 2nd at an event in the province of A Coruña.Cesar Arxina (Europa Press)

Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s new PP has chosen to drive towards La Moncloa via the middle lane of the motorway, but sometimes takes detours. With the arrival of the Galician baron in the party presidency just three months ago, the population has lowered the decibels in their criticism of Pedro Sánchez’s government, although their opposition remains very strong, and the trip to central Feijóo is sometimes swung. The PP began the week of the NATO summit in Madrid by pointing out a possible attempt at manipulation by Sánchez in the next election processes and ended it with the opposition leader congratulating the president on the organizational success of the alliance conclave. A bumpy road that the popular also attribute to the hostility they receive from the executive; This week, Sánchez accused the PP of not being autonomous and acting motivated by dark interests. Feijóo’s PP has yet to reach an agreement with the government while internally debating whether to abstain or vote against the new anti-crisis decree.

The flirtation with the idea of ​​a possible change in the election result surprised some in the PP. “It’s a mistake, you can’t assume something like that and it doesn’t make sense to push because the rival is weak. In that case, it’s better to let it fall by itself,” says one leader. The accusation coincided with the hangover of the Andalusian elections, from which the PP emerged euphoric due to Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla’s absolute majority, while the government was hit hard. In that framework, Feijóo raised the butt against the executive earlier this week, accusing them of committing an “institutional attack” with the aim of “controlling the Spaniards to make sure they don’t make mistakes when they vote again.” said Deputy Secretary Esteban Gonzalez Pons. The theory linked the appointment of José Félix Tezanos as president of the CIS – in force since 2018 – the resignation of Juan Manuel Rodríguez Poo as president of the INE, Juan Manuel Rodríguez Poo – on Monday, although the government has criticized the agency’s statistics before Months – and the participation movements at Indra – in which the Amber Fund, the main shareholder of PRISA (the publishing group of EL PAÍS), participated. Indra centralizes the data from the audit in some electoral processes, but does not conduct a recount, which is closely monitored by all parties at each polling station.

The rise of the piston worried some sectors of the PP, considering that with the arrival of Feijóo, Genoa had asked the party to moderate the tone. This reduction in decibels was noted in the deputies’ speeches in the control sessions, but the management interrupted it earlier in the week, sowing suspicions about Sanchez’s intentions to change the democratic rules of the game. A few days after this foray into moderation, Feijóo changed pace and congratulated the president “for the positive image Spain left in organizing the NATO summit.” And the popular masses were ready to support increases in defense spending and US military personnel in Rota, Cadiz. Back to the middle lane.

Feijóo has the following Check the trip to the center to vote on the second anti-crisis decree in which the government incorporated two of the measures proposed by the PP: the reduction of VAT on electricity to 5% and the aid of 200 euros for low-income earners. Despite this, the leader of the PP prepares the ground in his speeches not to support him. “The government’s economic measures are a failure,” he said on Monday. But there is debate within the party and, like the previous decree that voted no for Feijóo, there are leaders who think they should abstain. According to the sources consulted by EL PAÍS, this opinion has already been heard in internal meetings in favor of an abstention. The decision has not yet been made, but the management team points out that there are measures of the PP, but “others for medium-sized companies are missing”, and they congratulate themselves on having rejected the previous decree. “Otherwise we would be complicit in 10.2% inflation now.”

The General Council of Justice is another open front for Feijóo. Despite his announced willingness to reach state agreements, the extension is still blocked three months after he took office as president of the PP. The population has now demanded that the executive withdraw the reform registered by the PSOE in order to renew only the judges of the Constitutional Court. The popular leadership blames the government for the lack of agreement. “It is not Feijóo’s pacist appeal that is in question, but the government’s appeal to agree with the PP,” they disagree. The executive also did not respond to his proposal for a NATO pact.

Feijóo has confessed to some PP barons that he has doubts about agreeing to the government. “He would like to agree to the CGPJ, but he doesn’t trust Sánchez,” says one of them, who sees the agreements as “complicated”. “I don’t think it will take its toll on Feijóo if he doesn’t agree with the CGPJ. People are in the shopping cart,” says another. On the way from the opponent to the center, the path is partly curvy.

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