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The West has “declared a true hybrid war, total war”

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Regarding Western sanctions, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has spoken of a “hybrid war” directed against Moscow. “Today they declared a real hybrid war on us, a total war,” Lavrov said at a meeting with representatives of a diplomatic foundation on Friday, according to the state agency TASS. “This term, used in Hitler’s Germany, is now used by European politicians when they talk about what they want to do with the Russian Federation.”

The actual use of the term by well-known EU politicians in recent days is unknown. On March 1, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire spoke of a “total war” against Russia at the economic and financial level in view of the sanctions adopted, but retracted the same day after criticism. In 1943, Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels called for “total war” in his notorious speech at the Sportpalast.

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Lavrov said that European politicians wanted to “destroy, break, annihilate, strangle” Russia. “When we see this illegality of the sanctions, it is of course clear that all these values ​​that our Western colleagues have constantly preached to us, namely freedom of expression, the market economy and the inviolability of private property, the presumption of innocence , they are worthless.”

Due to Russia’s war against Ukraine, the seven major democratic economic powers (G7) and the EU agreed on new sanctions on Thursday that aim to make it significantly more difficult for Russia to trade gold. The United States has also imposed new sanctions on hundreds of members of the Russian parliament and other members of the Russian elite.

The United States also announced on Friday that it would supply an additional 15 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the EU this year together with international partners. In the long term, the amount is expected to increase to 50 billion cubic meters per year. This could replace about a third of Russia’s current gas imports.

Putin: Campaign against Russian culture resembles Nazi actions

russian president vladimir putinPhoto: Mikhail KLIMENTYEV/SPUTNIK/AFP

Vladimir Putin also accused Western countries of Nazi methods in dealing with Russia. In a meeting with artists and cultural figures on Friday, the Russian president said of his country’s culture: “The last time such a massive campaign to destroy objectionable literature was carried out was almost 90 years ago by the Nazis in Germany. “.

“Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and Rachmaninov will be removed from concert advertisements, Russian authors and their books will also be banned,” Putin said, referring to Nazi book burnings in Hitler’s Germany. “Today, an entire thousand-year-old country, they are trying to ‘write off’ our people,” Putin said on the day of cultural workers.

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Everything related to Russia is discriminated against, with the consent of the ruling elites. The 69-year-old criticized Hollywood movies for acting as if the United States alone had liberated Europe from Hitlerian fascism in World War II.

The courage of the Red Army, on the other hand, whose soldiers contributed decisively to the victory over Hitler, is left out. “That is unimaginable in our country,” Putin said at his residence in Novo-Ogaryovo, near Moscow.

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For Russia, the national culture is inseparable from the motherland, there is no place for intolerance. “Cultural diversity is the pride of society, it is the strength and advantage of our state,” the Kremlin chief said.

Ukraine accuses Russia of taking unwanted Ukrainian literature from libraries in the occupied territories. Russia, for its part, complains about the suppression of its language in Ukraine. Several Russian artists close to the Kremlin, such as the conductor and friend of Putin, Valery Gergiev, lost their commitments in the EU and the US after the Russian attack on Ukraine. But many have also left Russia or resigned because they do not support Putin’s war against Ukraine. (dpa)

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