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The war in Ukraine and Berlin: Senator of the Interior wants to request 40 soldiers from the Bundeswehr to help refugees – Berlin

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Kai Wegner speaks as the leader of the CDU faction. “Today the world is looking at Kiev.” There, too, “our freedom” would be defended. “We are by your side.” For 15 days you would see the images of the war that would not leave anyone indifferent. “The courage that many unarmed Ukrainians muster and stand in front of tanks,” says Wegner, these images would reach everyone. Berliners would support Ukraine in the fight for peace.

But solidarity alone is not enough. Liberty must be defensible. Sanctions must be toughened. “We cannot leave this aggression, this Putin war of aggression unanswered.” Expect “clearer, even more” from politicians clearer ads and hardening also from federal politics,” says Wegner, who was a member of the Bundestag until 2021.

He admired the courage of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. The love of freedom, which is evident every day in Kiev, “will always connect Berlin and Kiev”. Wegner is in favor of a town twinning between Kiev and Berlin in peacetime. One must not lose sight of that. Selenskyj has gone from being a political novice to a freedom fighter. But even the “perfect democrat Putin, who never was,” says Wegner, is “became an impeccable dictator and war criminal” during the war. In the end the good will prevail.

People seeking protection must be cared for and housed here. He thanked the volunteers and aid organizations. “We need a 24-hour crisis team,” Wegner demands. “We have a serious crisis.” Voluntary organizations must not be left alone.

Social Senator Katja Kipping (left) has so far completely underestimated the scope, because she spoke of only 20,000 refugees at the beginning, Wegner said. Kipping had more than 14 days to create support structures. She also doesn’t want to see any questionable accommodation offers in this city. It’s good that more police present at the main station maybe. Wegner demands extended police record certificate for those who want to host people. “The request has to be quick and not take more than 24 hours.” Children need specific training with psychological care and trained personnel.

The Bundeswehr not only needs more money and better equipment, but also appreciation, recognition and respect. “Young officers should go back to Berlin schools”, Wegner demands information from the Bundeswehr about the security policy, as it used to be in schools.

“We must not allow dictator Putin to divide us.” All Berliners would love freedom and would do anything to ensure that Ukraine can recover and grow.

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