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The voice that helps you get out of roundabouts on Google Maps can also sing


If her heart hadn’t been broken, she would never have applied for a scholarship to study in Mississippi. And if he hadn’t traveled to Alabama, he would never have listened to the college choir while showering in the dorm. That day, he turned off the faucet, wrapped himself in a towel, and asked what that was: “It’s gospel, girl,” they clarified. This music exploded his brain and that’s how it all started. Nikki García (Madrid, 47 years old) already had an artistic streak when she was a little girl talking with her hands. Each finger was a puppet and she interacted with the 10 as if they were some sort of Muppets who grew up in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood where she is originally from.

He came back from the USA, he was looking for a gospel choir in Madrid and that was his more or less direct access to a recording studio that was to become his second skin. Recording started jingles for advertising until it was introduced in all Spanish homes with children aged 4 to 15, dubbing the voice of the character of Jasmine in the film Aladdin. But Nikki has been part of our lives for a long time: she is the voice of Cercanías Renfe and Google Maps. It accompanies us at every motorway exit, at every secondary road junction, and every time the server loses coverage and recalculates the route, it is invoked and blasphemed by most of the civilian population. She is also the voice of Maya Petit, the wife of Moe, the owner of the bar in The simpsons.

Truco the cat and a guitar.Franz Tsang

He lives in a townhouse in the La Concepción neighborhood with a dog named Buffy; two cats, trick and treat, and Xavi Puig, his partner and one of the brains behind the satirical publication the world of today, whose news program she is the announcer. He was born nearby, and when an opportunity arose to buy something affordable in the neighborhood, he dropped the mortgage. From his parents, who still live in the area, he inherited a sense of responsibility, a love of animals (he has two ponies sponsored by his father, which are often featured in his pony instagram) and awareness of what things cost. “They kept telling me: ‘Do what you want, but achieve economic independence, because then you are free,'” he recalls. He doesn’t take credit, but doesn’t lose sight of it during the conversation luck effect. “Effort matters, but so does luck, it would be cynical to deny this because the world is unequal.”

Perhaps because of that ingrained sense of responsibility and opportunity, it almost cost him his health to decide to renovate a car he inherited from his mother (he finally did) and keep a 14-year-old sofa, which he decided to keep Not to retire arm padding. She also believes that good news is followed by bad news, so her ability to enjoy herself is severely limited. “A friend told me that bullying that he had suffered at school, now that karma I could only make up for it.”

Nikki Garcia.
Nikki Garcia.Franz Tsang

That bullying who suffered in silence – in the 1990s there were no fewer mechanisms to detect or deal with this type of harassment – ​​he turned the USA, where he traveled every year since his youth for exchanges with the same family, into his private oasis. And the English in his refuge. “When I first went to the US with Xavi, he told me he was a lot more optimistic there. Sure, I associate this phase of my life with happiness.” That’s why he writes and sings in English. In 2017 he released the album we have somethinglater he was part of the group country De La Sierra and now he has composed a new EP which is in the production process. They’ve recorded the drums, and by the time you’re reading this, the guitars may have already been recorded. zero pressure. “I work long hours to devote myself to the music I like. If there’s someone else besides me who enjoys it on Spotify that’s great, but I’m only interested in building a musical legacy that I’m proud of. The only expectation I want is that there will be pistachios in my house when I get home from work.”


Source elpais.com

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