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The video of Pique rejecting Shakira which has gone viral again: “it’s an ice floe”

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Even though Shakira and Gerard Pique They were emerging as one of the strongest couples in entertainment, after their separation many realized the indifference of the player in front of the different expressions of affection of the mother of his children.

Starting with the messages of love he dedicated to her in his social networks, who received no response.

Months before their breakup, everything seemed to be going better and better between them, as evidenced by the various publications that the Colombian made on her social networks where she expressed her love and pride for the defender of the FCBarcelona.

However, many have noted that prick He didn’t even react with a like to her posts, let alone show her that way.

Users point to the indifference of Gerard pricks to Shakira

Now a new video has shown that the love of the diva was not reciprocated by the football playerwhile attending a club azulgrana ceremony.

In the audiovisual that has gone viral, you can see Shakira sitting next to Pique as she tries to hug and kiss him, but he ignores her while chatting with Josep Bartoumeu, Barcelona president Come in 2014 and 2020.


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♬ Congratulations – Shakira & Rauw Alejandro

The performer’s affection comes after the Spaniard receives recognition. As she applauds him and tries to caress him, he prefers to receive the manager’s congratulations.

After the awkward moment many say it did Shakira, Well, after being rejected, she touched her face as if wiping away a tear.

“It’s good that she left everything tiring and if they don’t like you there are many who do”, “He made her cry until she wiped her tears”, “she surreptitiously dries her tears, he escapes her when she wants to grab his hand, indifference and rejection hurt”, “He was more keen on shaking hands with the guy next to him”, commented netizens rejecting the position of Gerard.

Remember that the couple would have separated because of the infidelities of Spade.


Source metroecuador.com

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