Situation 2 has been disabled due to proximity to houses in Chandrexa and Laza and focus in Ponte Caldelas (Pontevedra) has also been removed.


The situation is improving in the province of Ourense, where, as reported by Rural Environment, the fire in Verín, which burned about 600 hectares, has been extinguished, and that in Carballeda de Valdeorras, which currently affects 440 hectares.

As indicated in the last part provided by the ministry, the one initiated in the parish of Verín – according to more than a dozen different sources – was switched off around 23:00.

Also around this time, Valdeorrés, which had its origins in Casaio, was considered stabilized. Covering an area of ​​about 440 hectares, one technician, 10 agents, 32 brigades, 11 motor pumps, two power shovels, nine airplanes and eight helicopters are working in the area.

In addition, in the province of Ourense, the Chandrexa de Queixa hotspot is still active, burning about 200 hectares and assigned a technician, 12 agents, 17 brigades, 10 motor pumps, a shovel, 11 airplanes and 7 helicopters.

To this must be added that of Laza, which began in the municipality of Camba and which currently has the largest burn: an estimated 1,350 hectares. 14 agents, 27 brigades, 18 motor pumps, two excavators, a technical support unit, two airplanes and three helicopters are working in the area.

For both outbreaks – Chandrexa and Camba – situation 2 has already been deactivated due to the proximity to urban centers and activated in the late afternoon of this Tuesday.


Where it is still active as a preventive measure is in the XI O Ribeiro-Arenteiro forest area due to the proximity of the Boborás and O Irixo fires, both active although “with progress on the control lines to stabilize them”.

Rural Environment points out that the Boborás and O Carballiño fires are considered as multiple flashpoints of the same fire that burns about 120 hectares and whose origin is in the municipality of Asturenses. One technician, five agents, eleven brigades, ten motor pumps, two shovels, two airplanes and four helicopters work there.

Two technicians, nine agents, 38 brigades, 28 motor pumps, two shovels, a technical support unit, eight aircraft and 11 helicopters.

Railway traffic, which was suspended this Wednesday between O Irixo and Lalín due to the proximity of several sources of fire to the road, resumed at dawn.


On the other hand, the situation in the province of A Coruña does not show any major changes. The two outbreaks of As Pontes de García Rodríguez remain under control, in As Pontes itself – with an infestation of 105 hectares – and in the municipality of Vilavella – with 60 hectares burned -.

Originating from Boiro, in the municipality of Cures, it remains stabilized, with the largest devastated area currently being 2,200 hectares.

In Pontevedra, the only focal point active in the province, that of Ponte Caldelas, from the parish of Xustáns, has already died out. According to Rural Environment, it was extinguished after 11:00 p.m. and burned an estimated 380 hectares.

Source europapress.es

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