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The vast majority of Germans want to abolish the time change

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Berlin (dpa) – In the spring before and in the fall after: the time change is a superfluous regulation for most people in Germany.

In a representative Forsa survey commissioned by the DAK health insurance company, 72 percent said that the time change should be abolished. Only 23 percent of the participants found them useful in general.

time change problems

In about a week it will be time again; then the time will advance one hour throughout Germany. Even if around three quarters of Germans feel that this is superfluous, they have had far fewer health problems so far. For the vast majority of 73 percent, the change from summer to winter time has so far had no consequences. On the other hand, according to the survey, 27 percent of the participants have had problems before: women are affected here much more often (34 percent) than men (21 percent).

Most often, those affected felt tired or listless (80 per cent), 65 per cent also complained of trouble falling asleep. According to the survey, the time change has even caused depressive moods in 16 percent.

However, the majority of those surveyed are convinced that the semi-annual change will stay with us for a while. Only 25 percent think the time change will be abolished in the foreseeable future, that’s 8 percentage points less than last year. 72 percent do not think so.

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