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The United Arab Emirates presented an inspiring model to the world by hosting Expo 2020 Dubai

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The Governor of the Argentine province of Santiago del Estero, Dr. Gerardo Zamora, stated that “his country and the United Arab Emirates have strong strategic relations that are experiencing continuous development in various fields, especially economic, investment and trade.”
Dr. Gerardo Zamora, who is leading an Argentine trade delegation on an official visit to the country, said: “The UAE is one of the important countries on the global investment and trade map, with its resources, flexible business environment and geographical location. which makes it an important destination for investors from all over the world”.

strategic association
The Governor of Santiago del Estero expressed his country’s aspirations to strengthen cooperative relations with the UAE and achieve a comprehensive strategic partnership that encompasses all fields and sectors, given the growing commercial and investment activities between the two countries.

The province of Santiago del Estero expressed its great admiration for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for its exceptional economic model to be emulated in the world, and for the pioneering and impressive achievements that the Emirate has achieved in various fields and sectors, and the progress and development it aspires to achieve in order to improve its position in the world.

pride and pride
Dr. Gerardo Zamora pointed out that the visit of the Argentine trade delegation to the United Arab Emirates coincides with his country’s celebrations for the National Day at Expo 20230 Dubai, which represents a source of pride and embodies the depth of relations between Argentina and the United Arab Emirates, which is sponsored by the leaders of the two countries.

He explained that the UAE presented an inspiring model to the world by hosting 192 countries from around the world and strengthening international cooperation to discuss the global challenges facing humanity and develop innovative solutions for them with the participation of all, which inaugurates a new cooperation phase. and human solidarity to achieve global stability and prosperity.

cooperation in the future
Dr. Gerardo Zamora indicated that the delegation from his country, which is currently visiting the country, seeks to enhance the prospects for cooperation between the two countries through the holding of a series of meetings and strategic encounters that define the characteristics of future cooperation, especially trade and investment. .

He added that “the delegation includes representatives from the northern Argentine zone, which constitutes almost a third of the area of ​​the Argentine state, with a population of 10 million people and with gigantic export and production capacities that range from mining, hydrocarbons, agribusiness, agricultural products, cattle and cotton”.

Dr. Gerardo Zamora said: “The province of Santiago del Estero is working logistically with the federal national government and is proceeding to establish a development agency to support all entrepreneurs who want to join the business activity in Argentina, as well as to investors who want to invest in our country to provide them with the necessary support and credits, which is why we chose the United Arab Emirates in the first place to take advantage of the available business and investment opportunities, and to work together through an investment model that enhances the sustainable development process in the two countries”.

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