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The United Arab Emirates explores the horizons of the creative economy at the Dubai Expo

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Yesterday, the UAE pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai hosted the third session of the “Achieved Dreamers Dialogue”.

This came about with the participation of artists and creators working across multiple fields and disciplines, and their works represent a model for the UAE’s diversified creative economy.

Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, UAE Minister of Culture and Youth and Commissioner General of the Emirates Pavilion, participated in the third panel discussion titled “Creative Expression… Celebrating the Inspiring Dreams of Artists and Creators.”

He praised the growing, fruitful and unique growth witnessed by the UAE in the field of creative economy, which constitutes a momentum that opens new horizons that improve communication between all segments of society and contribute to diversifying the sources of the national economy. .

She said: “The creativity sector in the UAE is not only enriching our cultural life, but also contributing to the strengthening of our economy. We are working to estimate the size of the economic contribution to this sector and the legislative frameworks that guarantee the best support for its continued growth and diversity. It also highlights the role of youth, especially in this regard.” With her talent, they were and will continue to be the foundation of the creative scene in the United Arab Emirates. I am proud of the growth of this creative painting in the local community and in the region.”

The session was moderated by Laila Bin Brik, Coordinating Director of the UAE National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, and interviewed by Mohammed Somji, Director of Gulf Photo Plus, Issa Al-Sabousi, Founder of “Dharb”, Sarah Al-Aqroubi , the multidisciplinary artist, and Kholoud Sharafi, founder of Tanaka.

The importance of the creative economy

The third discussion session addressed the importance of the creative economy in the UAE, highlighting the role of the arts and its pioneers in building a more creative future that preserves the values ​​of openness, optimism and ambition in Emirati society and the concepts places and beliefs.

The participants discussed the various expressive methods in which the present and the future are integrated through inspiration and cultural prosperity, and praised the efforts of the United Arab Emirates, which is a unique creative oasis that brings together creators from all over the world. world and provides them with the ideal environment that supports the spirit of innovation, and reviewed the dimensions of the UAE government’s investment in the creative sector, to enhance its growing cultural and economic role.

Laila Ben Brik said during the moderation of the dialogue session: “In contrast to the many opportunities available in the creative sector, a number of challenges arise. As creators, we derive our ability to overcome them from the awareness and support of society, to jointly contribute to the prosperity of this sector and prepare future generations for it, as it happens in several influential sectors in the community”.

He added that one of the main reasons for people’s reluctance to engage in creative work is their fear of failure, so I hope they will change this view and use every moment of their lives to learn and gain more knowledge.

For his part, Mohamed Somji said: “The creative sector in the UAE is characterized by great diversity. It is true that we have achieved remarkable development in the creative scene, but there is still a long way to go.” noting that the most important elements supporting the growth of this sector is preparing artists to continue their creative journey, as well as providing a marketing environment for their business, so that they can engage in this fruitful work.

Issa Al-Sabousi said: “When I started my journey with design art, I was inspired outside the borders of the UAE, because related references were only available abroad… Fortunately, this reality has radically changed, to As the local creative scene has made great strides, we have even become our Emirati creative identity and our unique cognitive specializations with which we see the world.”

Sarah Al-Aqroubi said: “Art, design and culture are a mirror that reflects the reality of society, and it cannot be far from interacting with people and remain so. The United Arab Emirates is distinguished by its collection of multiple cultures of the world and our creativity. The economy is the fruit of the interaction between these cultures that enriches our creativity and opens more horizons for it”.

Kholoud Sharafi said: “Through Tanaka, I wanted to make my mark on the world. As an Emirati designer, we strive to establish our own identity globally, just like designers from Switzerland, Japan or anywhere else, where we know the identity of their creative products just by looking at them.This is what I aspire to achieve in the world of Emirati design, and this is what I used to focus on, that is, to represent the heritage and culture of the UAE in the works that I present , and I hope the next generation of designers will follow my lead.”

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