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The times Karol G proved that curves and cellulite are beautiful and make us love them

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Carol G. She is one of the most famous singers who not only won the admiration and respect of her fans for her musicalso for his strength and self-respect.

And it is that the singer constantly gives courses in self-transcendence and teaches us to love our body with its curves, its rhinestones, its cellulite, without fear.

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Karol G is constantly bragging her curves with confidence and pride on the beach in daring bikinis that not only make her feel beautiful, but also sexy, teach self-love and acceptance.

Karol G teaches that you have to show your curves and your cellulite without fear

One piece metallic bikini

Recently, the Colombian posed in One-piece metallic bikini in a very sexy silver tone, showing the cellulite on her thighs.

And it is that all women have cellulite in this area, and Carol G. teaches that you should not hide them, but show them with sensuality and pride, no matter what others say.

silk mini dress

also famous She showed off the cellulite on her legs in the back with a very elegant and sexy black silk mini dress.

The singer clarifies that she doesn’t care what they will say and wears her bows proudly and confidently, teaching a great lesson in empowerment.

denim shorts and top

Another sexy and chic garment that perhaps many women with cellulite on their legs would not dare to wear are the denim shorts, and Karol G wears them with great style.

the famous lucio her curves and her cellulite by combining this garment with a black top and rock boots in the same tone.

two piece bikini

Karol G also showed off her voluptuous figure in a very sexy white two-piece bikini, revealing their cellulite on the legs and buttocks.

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Without a doubt, the key is to look in the mirror and feel good about yourself, remembering that every part of your body makes you special, unique and beautiful.

Source metroecuador.com

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