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The three best Netflix series to enjoy solitude

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see a series of netflix in the company of others, sometimes it can be quite a challenge, especially if we have to wait for their schedule to free up and also coincide with our free time.

So watching series alone has become one of the almost guilty pleasures of some people, especially if they live as a couple or with their family. Moreover, there is a question of taste, because not all of us like to see the same thing.

For this reason, here I leave you three recommendations to see within this streaming platform, and without having to worry about whether others are interested or not.

life after death

This British dark comedy and drama series has two seasons and is starring, written, directed and produced by Ricky Gervais. “After Life” tells the story of Tony, whose life turns to disaster after the death of his wife from breast cancer.

midnight gospel

This anime series was created by Pendleton Ward and Duncan Trussell, and has an 8-episode season. Here we will meet Clancy Gilroy, who is an astronaut, i.e. someone who podcasts in space.

The protagonist lives in a dimension called “The Chromatic Bond”, where powerful biocomputers are used to simulate universes from which they can collect technology.

In each episode, Clancy travels to the various worlds, which are about to undergo an apocalypse, to interrogate their inhabitants in his spacecast, in order to heal spiritually.

Paquitas rooms

This Spanish series, made up of 16 episodes divided into three seasons, tells us the story of Paquita, who in the 1990s was the best representative of actors. Now the world has changed and she refuses to do so.

One day, one of his most famous actresses tells him to leave her, which shakes up his world and begins the search for a new talent. Although it is fiction, in the series they refer to real characters from the history of Spanish pop.

Moreover, in “Paquita Salas” they show us the true ravages of fame, how fleeting it can be and the broken people on Spanish television.

Source metroecuador.com

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