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The Thermomix or the ceramic hob? The oven or the air Frier?: Which spends more

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The inflation and the high values ​​of the electrical current are drowning the mayor of the Spanish families. For this reason, many of them are beginning to show interest in finding ways to reduce energy consumption in their homes. This is important because households consume more than a fifth of all the energy used in Spainsays the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE) and in fact, the kitchen is the room in the house that spends the most.

Bearing this in mind, knowing which appliances consume the most electricity is the first step to later decide where the actuator can be more profitable. Which ones consume more and what measures can we take to adapt their use to the new electricity bill?

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The Thermomix or the ceramic hob? The oven or the air Frier?: Which spends more. Photo: Getty Creative

vitro or thermomix?

One of the options that can be explored if you spend less electricity to cook on a ceramic hob or with a Thermomix, a kitchen robot that prepares almost any type of food quickly. To find out, we must first know how much each consume. Ceramic and induction cooktops consume about 2200 watts on average, on a medium-sized burner. Instead, consume Thermomix 1500 watts of maximum power.

Another advantage to save is in the vertical cooking system, with which you can cook a complete menu at the same time. Despite these advantages, the National Energy Saving Association (ANAE) warns that “phantom consumption” caused by ‘stand-by’ is much more important in the case of appliances such as dishwashers, air conditioning or a food processor like the Thermomix. Therefore, it never hurts to remember that you have to unplug all these utensils.

Induction hobs also use less electricity than glass-ceramic hobs: They represent savings on the bill of between and 30% and 40%.

air fryer or oven

With the boom in air fryers, it is also worth considering whether they consume more, less or the same as a conventional oven. Air fryers consume about 14,500 parents, but this may vary depending on the size of it. For their part, traditional ovens can work between 1,000 and 5,000 watts. Fryers have proven to be faster in cooking than traditional ovens, so the time of use is reduced and less energy is consumed. This electrical cost could also be compared to that of an oil fryer, to which we have to add the cost of buying liters and liters of oil for each recipe.

In the case of microwave ovens, they use a little more energy than an air fryer, but it is true that in this the food takes much less time to heat up, so the time we must use it will be less, and therefore, so will your consumption.

Taking into account the rising price of energy, an investment now in any of these appliances can bring us considerable benefits in the future, since we will not only save money, but also time.

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