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The textile entrepreneurs believe that Sánchez’s “ridiculous” request that he no longer wear a tie is hurting the industry



The Textile, Accessories and Leather Trade Association (Acotex) has criticized Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s call to end wearing a tie as a measure to save energy, calling it “ridiculous” and seen as “harmful” to the industry of fashion, he explained in a statement this Saturday.

In an appearance this Friday, Sánchez urged ministers and the rest of officials to refrain from wearing a tie unless it is necessary, understanding that it is a gesture that helps save energy. He also asked the heads of the private sector to refrain from doing so in the summer if possible.

However, the president of Acotex, Eduardo Zamácola, has reiterated that “it is unacceptable” that the government “rather than support a sector so damaged, recommends citizens not to wear ties in order to save energy”, a measure which is also “ridiculous”. .

From the association’s point of view, it is a measure that “harms” the industry because there are “many textile companies” that are dedicated to the manufacture and sale of men’s accessories.

Textile employers say the fashion industry has been “seriously” hit by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and more recently by soaring electricity, commodity and transport prices since 2020, posting a 57% drop in sales over the past two years.

“Recommendations from a prime minister that could lead to the closure of businesses and the loss of jobs cannot be accepted,” he concludes.


Source europapress.es

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