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The talk show “Der Moment” is full of spicy chicken wings: Profound talk or “suffering about suffering”?


Gone are the days when a battalion of stylists and the guest’s team ensured a star appeared flawless on screen without noticing every symptom of humanity. At least for the millions of believers who join week after week name isa talk show co-produced by the food channel First We Feast and Complex Media, where viewers can see the protagonist of, for example stranger things, Millie Bobby Brown, present the new chapters of their series between sweats, pain, dizziness and nausea. The concept is simple: a celebrity sits down opposite the interviewer, journalist Sean Evans, and answers a surprisingly lengthy, thoughtful and serious questionnaire while the two eat ten chicken wings seasoned with increasingly hot sauce. Celebrities who don’t eat meat, like Ricky Gervais, Billie Eilish, Kristen Bell or Natalie Portman, haven’t closed their doors but instead get vegan wings (“the tastiest” on the show, according to the presenter, who always offers to eat the same food as her guests). ).

The format was born in 2015 as a result of sociometric calculations of videos hosted on Facebook during the media’s difficult migration to digital audiovisual. Looking at the algorithm, stats, ease of positioning, and other characteristics that were considered general public requirements, Complex, the medium with which First We Feast had a corporate agreement, requested the videos from name is lasted a maximum of five and a half minutes, a rule they respected only in the first episode.

In this way, the program, which has already exceeded half an hour on several occasions, has forged its identity as it overcame the spicy food hook, the prior invitation to the viewer to start playing. Corresponding Producer Christopher Schonberger to the media eaterthe original idea was to make some videos that are 80% new dude donkey (due to the physical challenge involved) and 20% a good job interview. Along the way, however, they discovered that the proposal was a lot more fun when, while the stars could barely manage the sting of high-octane sauces in their mouths, the presenter surprised them with a series of really well-done and interesting questions, just the opposite of what you can ask of one Expect a program that is basically crap. And so 18 seasons at a rate of three per year; the last one was completed this week.

Host Sean Evans with Charlize Theron during an episode of “Hot Ones”First we celebrate

The Sean Evans character is the real asset of the room at this point. This journalist who was new to Complex when Schoenberger approached him with the idea of ​​presenting name isHe has made his impassive face and his calm and friendly nature a hallmark of the format. Apparently immune to the itch of the wings, which he eats at the same pace as the guest, Evans declaims his questions one after the other with great clarity and composure, while the person in front of him often struggles to keep his composure without gagging breathe or relieve the stinging with the water and milk jugs placed on the table. For example Idris Elba, who in disbelief, with bloodshot eyes and between coughs, has to answer a question about the football team he belonged to when he was a child, and minutes later asks producer Schonberger to fight with him .for inventing the program.

Other guests try to bring the concept to their turf, such as comedy actor Paul Rudd (Ant-man, clueless), who uses the sauce’s tearful reaction to compose and improvise a dramatic scene with Evans. British chef Gordon Ramsay, host of the original version of nightmare in the kitchenHe also turned his performance (which holds the record for views: more than 108 million) into a self-parody, strongly criticizing the way the wings were prepared in the manner of his popular reality shows.

For those who fail to complete the challenge of eating the ten wings, name is reserved a Hall of Shame, in which only 16 of the almost 300 guests are staying: Among them Ricky Gervais, DJ Khaled and Eric André. Of course, who isn’t in this room is New Zealand singer Lorde, who surprised everyone by sampling each track with extreme calm, taller than that of the presenter, as if she were at a picnic. And on the other side of dignity would be comedian Bobby Lee, who was apparently suffering from one Handle during recording.

overexpose to humanize

“It’s like in horror movies. It always generates curiosity and curiosity to see how someone is doing badly. It is inherent in humans, part of this strange state of ours,” says Jordi Moltó, member of the Antena 3 program team consulted by ICON. the anthill. Moltó is the creator of some of the most popular videos in the Pablo Motos program, who also often tries to break with the classic interview format by sharing elaborate jokes with his guests: he was the one who devised Rosalía’s gag disguised as a questioning reporter the opinion they had of her towards various passers-by was partly negative.

Sean Evans during a TV interview in 2017 to talk about his hit show Hot Ones.
Sean Evans during a TV interview in 2017 to talk about his hit show Hot Ones.Mireya Aceso (FilmMagic)

Thanks to the same balanced exercise of vulnerability and risk, a proposal like name iswith all the discomfort its hot sauces can bring, has managed to attract high-profile celebrities like Tom Holland, who was in attendance ahead of the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home the last christmas Even Noel Gallagher, Oasis’ historically loudmouthed guitarist, manages to look nice to Sean Evans. However, Moltó admits that he is not an enthusiast of the format: “It is still suffering for the sake of suffering. It has its grace, but for me it lacks a leg that integrates that element and gives it more substance.” The creative gives an example of a tasting surstromming what were they doing in there the anthill, where, after most of the volunteers vomited trying to taste one of those cans of fermented herring typical of Sweden, a citizen of the country ate it with great pleasure. “There’s a learning of cultural relativism, we see how something that’s disgusting to us is a delicacy to others,” he explains.

However, if something teaches name is is that there are many things to be learned from conversing between violent wings: one being that multi-award-winning actor Bryan Cranston was a murder suspect breaking Bad Confess on the show. The particular environment that the program creates, between the vulnerability of some guests with burning palates and the attention and care given to the questionnaires, allows for unique approaches. “We really care about it. [por las entrevistas]because there are a lot of media that simply say [a los famosos] doing donut dances. We knew that we could differentiate ourselves through effort.” Sean Evans tells Business Insider in 2017. in the another chat with TheVergeIn 2019, he made a similar reflection: “There are a lot of very bad talk shows, which makes ours look excellent in comparison.” He also described the internal mechanics of the Trials to his guests, as if “each wing was a different part of the personality”. Seeking catharsis by adding more and more zeros to the Scoville Hotness Scale.

The results of these efforts speak for themselves. Hollywood Insider He called it “the talk show of the hour” last year and has been nominated twice for the Daytime Emmys, which honor the best Talk Shows. Name is, Of course, it markets its own sauces, which brought in $7 million in profit in 2018, the company told The Verge. And the competition has been around since 2020 Hot Ones: The Game Show, also presented by Evans where the contestants have to answer various general knowledge questions while of course putting very sharp wings in their mouths. Crowds of fans organize their own salsa challenges to see the shows. The only major challenge left for the creators is to get a visit from Keanu Reeves, the most requested celebrity in the comments of the videos. “A celebrity is, by definition, unattainable,” Evans told the media eater“So it’s about bringing the person up to a level that we all understand, like dying in hot sauce.”

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