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The table first loses again

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Anyone who followed the Polar Bears’ home game against ERC Ingolstadt on Tuesday night will have long been happy that the main round of the German Ice Hockey League is over in the next few weeks. For more than two-thirds of the match, which would have gone 2-3 to the guests after a penalty shootout, the Berliners seemed nervous. As if a certain tiredness inhibited the movements. Which, given the schedule, is hardly surprising. Because there are numerous games to be made up during the season due to the numerous corona cases, the appointments are already very reminiscent of the play-offs. When duels take place every other day.

Unlike last time, the team didn’t find their way into this duel for a long time. Although the team controlled the rival, who was focused on the counterattack, they could not find the goal. Numerous passes simply missed their target or got caught on an opponent’s stick. So in the first third there was a murmur among the 4835 crowd when Frank Hördler, for example, lost himself in thought of him in a promising position and made a pass into empty space instead of shooting.

The fact that the guests were able to go into the first break with a 1-0 lead was more of a coincidence. Timothy McGauley took the puck in the direction of Eisbären goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger, who had returned between the Berlin posts for Tobias Ancicka after the 2-3 victory against Düsseldorfer EG on Sunday. Christopher Bourque strayed unsustainably.

The fact that even halfway through this game there was still some impotence among the polar bear pros as to how they could impose their own style on this game was shown during the brief break for publicity purposes. The formation around Zach Boychuk was compact and the center forward made some gestures as if pointing a way in the air for the puck to reach the opposite goal to marry that night.

With all the bad luck came bad luck

But the next setback came a little later: in the first Berlin match of the night, the guests needed just 20 seconds to get the puck over the line. With a determined power play. It was one of those moments when you realize that Ingolstadt is still trying to make up places before the play-offs. While the Berliners can hardly be kicked out of first place.

Right at the start of the final third, the polar bears’ determination suddenly flared up again. First by Simon Després, whose goal was annulled due to the goalkeeper’s disqualification.

Dominik Bokk redeemed those present in the 47th minute. It was the prelude to an energetic final phase in which Boychuk himself found his way to the Ingolstadt goal. It seemed as if the energy reserves that had previously been hidden had suddenly been released again. In the final seconds of the game, the hosts were closer to victory than Ingolstadt, but not only extra time was taken, but also a penalty shootout, in which David Warsofsky converted the decisive puck for the guests, according to video evidence. .

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