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The Sultanate of Oman launches an educational electronic application for organ transplantation

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Today Sunday, the Royal Amman Hospital, represented by the Department of Organ Transplantation, launched the educational electronic application for organ transplantation, Give You Life “8”, which aims to provide all the information related to organ transplantation .

The Oman News Agency reported today that the name of the app indicates that organ donation per person saves eight lives.

Oman’s Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Saidi, who sponsored the app’s launch, said: “This educational electronic app on organ transplantation is the first of its kind in the Arab world and will help correct many rumours. and errors related to organ transplantation”.

He added that it is necessary to continue education in this aspect so that the community becomes aware of the importance of organ transplantation, noting that organ donation for a brain-dead person can save the lives of eight other people, and that some organs can be donated during life, including liver and kidney.

He indicated that in the Sultanate of Oman there are more than three thousand people suffering from kidney failure and undergoing continuous dialysis, which is very tiring from a psychological and health point of view. He stressed that liver and kidney transplantation in the Sultanate is one of the successful operations, and called on citizens and residents to familiarize themselves with the app and take advantage of it.

He pointed out that the main factor for the lack of organ transplants in the Sultanate of Oman is due to the lack of organ donors, and the Royal Hospital has started to perform kidney transplants since 1988, and the program continues and develops.

Dr. Nevin bint Ibrahim Al-Kalbania, Senior Consultant in Pediatric Nephrology and Head of the Organ Transplantation Department at the Royal Hospital, said the hospital has carried out four organ transplants this year, two for children and two for adults, and there are those who initiated and registered in the “Shifaa” application for organ donation after death, and is currently in progress Review the data of applicants for donation.

Giving Life “8” is an extension of the previous campaign launched by the Ministry of Health to educate the community, urging them to donate organs, and resulted in an increase in the number of people registered in the “Shifaa” application of the Ministry of Health for organ donation after death since its launch in December last year.


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