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The story of a journalist who lost consciousness during protests in Quito

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Monday, June 13, the National Unlimited Strike began and several incidents occurred with protesters, National Police and journalists. Precisely, a communication professional lost consciousness during the last confrontation in the Santo Domingo Square Quito.

Michael Mantuano, representative of Wambra, reported that during her coverage, she was hit by the cloud of tear gas. As said to Fundamentalswhere she is a stockbroker, the gas hit her directly and there were loud bangs that knocked her head out.

He recalled that after inhaling the gas, he lost consciousness and the intervention of paramedics who provided him with first aid was necessary. and they took her from the place of the disturbances, where she remained for a few hours, until the end of the clashes.

The first recorded case was the arrest of Luis David Toctaguano Pilatuña, a communicator for the Frequency Subversa program and a contributor to Indymedia. He was arrested by national police in Quito, after covering the march.

The other cases were in Latacunga: they are those of the community communicator of the Cotopaxi Indigenous Movement, Jose Julian Ayala Cocha —of the people of Panzaleo— who was arrested on June 13 while covering the protests. In the same place, Efraín Alajo, from the public relations group of this organization, was arrested.

According to Luis David, the police froze that they were journalists and took them against a wall for 15 minutes. “They pushed me, I was handcuffed for two hours, but in Flagrancias they didn’t find me charged and they released me.”

Fundamedios recorded 18 attacks freedom of expression and the press during the day of mobilizations in Ecuador.

Source metroecuador.com

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