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The spring rush is slowly fading

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Offenbach (dpa) – The Super Sun March is out of breath in the final meters. The weekend will once again be radiantly beautiful with temperatures up to 22 degrees. But then there could be unpleasant surprises. The German Weather Service (DWD) advises: “Leave the winter tires on for now.”

“What we are currently experiencing is a march that is really extraordinary in many ways,” said Adrian Leyser of the Offenbach weather forecast center. “Both in terms of sunlight output and drought, March this year is absolutely exceptional.”

At the weekend, the spring high “Peter” retreats to Great Britain. From there it continues to bring brilliant sunshine and unusual warmth, especially in the southern half of Germany. In the north, on the other hand, summer clothes have to stay in the closet for the time being: the weak foothills of the lower “Helmka” over northeastern Europe are brushing against Germany and bringing slightly cooler, cloudier air.

“After a transition day on Monday, which brought sunny and warm spring weather to the south again, the ‘Peter’ spring high finally gave up by mid-week and made room for the lower Atlantic foothills,” Leyser said. . This portends a period of rather unstable weather for a long time.

However, it is not yet clear where and how much rain there will be. With the influence of low pressure and declining solar output, temperatures are also falling.

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