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The SPD can aspire to an absolute majority: a heavy defeat for the Union

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According to ARD and ZDF projections, the SPD with its main candidate, Anke Rehlinger, narrowly won an absolute majority in the Saarland state elections. According to ARD figures at 7:00 p.m., the SPD won 26 of the 51 seats in the Saarbrücken state parliament, according to ZDF figures up to 28. The difference is because according to ZDF projections, the FDP with 4.9 percent did not enter the state parliament is coming, according to the numbers of ARD with 5.0 percent is inside.

According to the first projections of ARD and ZDF, the Social Democrats won with their main candidate Anke Rehling on Sunday by more than 13 points and reached 43.1 to 43.8 percent.

Prime Minister’s CDU Tobias Hans it performed historically poorly at 27.5 to 27.6 percent. The AfD reached 5.5 percent, the Greens 5.6 to 5.8 and the FDP 4.9 to 5.0. Above all, the Free Democrats have to worry about getting into the state parliament. The left should fly out of the state parliament in Saarbrücken with 2.6 to 2.7 percent.

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This marks a change in the position of head of government: the previous deputy head of government, Minister for Economic Affairs Rehlinger, 45, now has a good chance of becoming prime minister. His SPD was recently the smallest partner in a grand coalition with the CDU.

Anke Rehlinger described her party’s electoral victory as the “result of the hard work of the last few years”. “The Saar has chosen red,” Rehlinger said Sunday night in Saarbrücken. “The Saarland SPD won the elections. And after 23 years we are once again the most powerful force as a social democracy in the Saarland”.

The SPD had struggled against some of the confidence of the citizens. The party has gained credibility in a wide variety of committees and organizations. “And that was also rewarded today. Everything you did and represented on the site is our joint big hit tonight.”

Rehlinger wants to hold talks next week

Rehlinger announced that he wanted to form a government quickly. “We live in very turbulent and difficult times. That is why I would like to invite them to exploratory talks in the next week, if necessary and necessary.” The possible coalition partners are not only the FDP and the Greens, he explained on Sunday night after his party’s electoral victory. “Potentially anything is possible, including a new edition of the grand coalition.”

Meanwhile, CDU Prime Minister Tobias Hans said in view of his party’s defeat: “Of course I will draw personal consequences.” The exact processes would be discussed in peace and quiet in the party committees. He spoke on ARD of a “very bitter defeat” for which he took personal responsibility.

Tobias Hans.Photo: REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

green boss Omid Nouripour was open to a coalition between his party and the winner of the SPD elections in Saarland on Sunday night. “The ball is of course with the SPD and of course we are also ready to talk,” Nouripour told ZDF.

“The first thing to do is of course to congratulate Anke Rehlinger on her great electoral success,” Nouripour said, referring to the SPD’s leading candidate. The Greens entered the election campaign “from a difficult starting position”. The Greens in Saarland were deeply divided last year, but have since reorganized. “There was a federal bias that supported it,” Nouripour said. The restart in Saarland is rewarding.

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Chancellor Olaf Scholz congratulated his party colleague Anke Rehlinger on his electoral victory via Twitter. “The inhabitants of the Saarland have clearly decided in favor of a change at the top of their state,” the SPD politician wrote. “And I’m sure no one will design it better than you,” he wrote Rehlinger. “Congratulations on the convincing election victory!”

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