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The Spanish SailGP team takes sixth place in the opening day of the T-Mobile United States SailGP-Chicago

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The Spanish SailGP team, skippered by Jordi Xammar, finished sixth on the opening day of the T-Mobile United States Sail Grand Prix-Chicago at Navy Pier, the first freshwater race in SailGP history to be dominated by Canada.

At a circuit attached to the city of Chicago, which limited wind and water density less than salt, which increased the speed of the fastest catamarans in the sea by 5%, the “roosters” took sixth place, having finished fifth , sixth and fifth respectively, the three races of the first day.

Captain of the ‘F50 Victoria’ was again Jordi Xammar, accompanied by Florian Trittel (surface trimmer), Diego Botín (air traffic controller), Jake Lilley (grinder), Joan Cardona (tactician and grinder) and Paula Barceló (athlete). .

“We have taken steps in the right direction,” said Xammar. “We still have a lot to learn but we did important things that we wanted to improve compared to the last Grand Prix. Now it’s tomorrow; we have to push and we’ll do it,” added the Catalan.

Despite the great starts, the problems for the Spanish team in navigation came from some unintentional mistakes. One of the biggest challenges for Spain came during the third race when a flight control complication caused a crash into the water resulting in loss of control, speed and position. Despite this, Spain responded positively and correctly repositioned the F50 Victoria to avoid a major disaster.

Meanwhile, the Canadians and Brits were the standout teams, with a great fight in the last two races. The Australians could not repeat their first place from Bermuda and fell back to fourth place. For their part, the American team couldn’t hold their own at home in Chicago and ended up in last place.

In the first race, the ‘F50 Victoria’ got off to a good start and managed to position itself in the first places, trying to get closer to the ‘Kiwis’ who were dominating Lake Michigan. The “Hahne” decided to stand out on the other side of the regatta field to avoid the dirty wind of their rivals and lost three positions, being overtaken by the Swiss, Canadians and Danes to finish fifth.

In the second race they were second from the start behind Phil Robertson’s Canadians, who led to the finish. A battle with Denmark, sanctioned with a penalty, and then Australia pushed back the Spanish team, who finished sixth.

Finally, in race three, the men of Xammar saw a repeat of the previous one, with a great start to Canada. Losing position due to a complication in flight controls was a deciding factor for the Roosters, who soon had to play a new duel with Denmark, causing them to move away from the top positions and finish in fifth place.

Source europapress.es

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