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The singer Cecilio G, arrested in Sónar for attacking the authorities

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Trap singer Cecilio G, 28, was arrested at the Sónar music festival in Barcelona on Thursday night after being confronted by several security officers. According to digital newspaper Metrópoli Abierta, the Mossos d’Esquadra have arrested the singer whom they have accused of a crime against authority. An agent was slightly injured during the arrest. And given his state of change, the detainee was taken to the hospital.

Cecilio G is the stage name of Juan Cecília Ruiz, a Barcelona rag picker whose birthday was in 2018 a prison sentence of one year and two months for a threatening offense in 2015, which was added to another conviction in 2013 for robbery with violence. A photo circulated on social networks in which he appeared with Mayor Ada Colau. Local sources have explained that someone from the public did it during the mayor’s visit to the site.

The organization Sónar has explained that the singer was in an area he could not access and was asked to leave, to which he reacted violently. First the festival security guards intervened and then the Mossos were notified.

According to the agency EFE, the private security union ADN has reported on its Twitter account that before the arrest and outside the Sónar premises, the musician “dropped his pants and masturbated in front of a girl”, although this circumstance has been reported by the Mossos not confirmed.

The Sónar organization is not aware of any inappropriate behavior, at least within the premises. “For us it was just about being in a place he didn’t need to be, he was ordered to leave, he disobeyed and the Mossos were notified,” they explained. “Nothing else happened here.” About the artist’s condition they said: “It is not for us to say that we are not psychiatrists.” Cecilio G was not accredited with Sónar either as an artist, but as an audience after buying his ticket.

It’s not the first time the artist has been involved in incidents at the festival. In 2019, Barcelona City Council opened an information file for Sónar and Fira de Barcelona for violating the Animal Welfare Ordinance – which bans their use in shows – after Cecilio G. entered the stage of his performance on horseback. strolled between those present from the door of the enclosure to its stage, where it also took out an owl. The City Council received a complaint from the Foundation for Advice and Action for the Protection of Animals (Faada).

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