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The sex trade… How will the most dangerous rooms in the world of metaphysics be managed?

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It seems that the virtual reality metaverse model that moves users to be part of the Internet and not just consumers is going to affect the sex trade.

Recently, the term “SexTech” has begun to spread in reference to the fusion of sex with technology and what may result from this combination of a new dimension in the sex trade, which is one of the fastest growing industries in all the world.

While there are questions about the long-term consequences of allowing people to live out whatever sexual fantasies they have, through artificial intelligence, and what it might do in their real-life interactions with their human partners, virtual reality offers a safe way to explore sexuality. .

sexual fantasy theory

Proponents of this theory say that the exploration of sexual life gradually became one of the commodities available through digitalization and artificial intelligence, without the presence of a real partner.

Today’s virtual reality sexual experiences are more realistic than ever, and many offer touch (the sensation of touch).

Virtual reality technology is rapidly evolving to create highly realistic experiences; While the sexual experiences available through virtual reality will continue to become more realistic in the future, the challenge is that it remains a site of rejection even by those who describe themselves as open to any development.

Individuals will be able to participate in a sexual experience through the “Metaverse”, for a certain amount of money, which will move the user to live the feeling, according to specialized reports in the improved virtual world.

This stage is not yet the subject of discussion on a religious level, either in the West or in the East, raising a question: Is exploring sex in virtual reality a safe way to experience or is it considered cheating?

sex robot

As technology gears up to augment the human sexual experience, it may be about to take off; Science fiction creators are already starting to produce humanoid sex robots for the sexual experience.

Sex technology today is worth $30 billion and is expected to cross the $52 billion barrier by 2025, fueled by massive online sales.

Companies are working furiously to come up with the most exciting products that have a smart answer to sexuality to take advantage of this expected growth.

These products include sex robots, a robotic version of a silicone sex toy made by RealDoll, but also some smart vibrators and stimulators, to achieve what you can see (virtual porn).

In addition, AI is involved in smartphone sex games and apps that allow users to learn more about their sexual orientation and preferences.

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