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The Sevilleja fire has favorable conditions and the return of the displaced will be investigated at the end of the day


The evictions of Robledo del Mazo and Las Hunfrías and the detention of Navaltoril are maintained


The fire, declared at emergency level 2 in Sevilleja de la Jara (Toledo), has “favorable weather conditions” this Saturday that help to facilitate its control and the return of the displaced residents of the surrounding communities – about 320 – will be investigated at the end of this one day, as explained by the Minister for Sustainable Development, José Luis Escudero.

From the command post, Escudero declared that the evacuation of Robledo del Mazo and Las Hunfrías and the confinement of Navaltoril would be maintained for the time being. Another follow-up meeting will be held this afternoon at 5pm and at the end of the day it could be checked whether the displaced are returning to their homes.

As reported by the Directorate General for Traffic (DGT), the TO-1089 road is completely closed in both directions from kilometer 14 in Robledillo to kilometer 29 in Buenasbodas.

Work was carried out throughout the night to contain the source area so that there is no danger to the population and houses.
About 200 people and 50 media – 10 air media – are working to stabilize it, mainly in two “tail” hotspots that are very close to Sevilleja de la Jara.

The work was very intense so that the fire did not reach the Gévalo Valley because the progress “was very accelerated due to the high temperatures and the gusts of wind”. It’s a very mountainous area with “big ridges,” the city council has noted.

The displaced neighbors are in perfect condition and housing has been set up for those displaced from Hunfrías at the Robledo del Buey Cultural Center and another housing for those displaced from Belvís de la Zistrose has been set up at the Robledo del Mazo Cultural Center.


The fire was declared at 2:32 p.m. this Friday and ordered level 1, ordered level 2 in the late afternoon and requested the intervention of the Military Emergency Unit (UME).

The consultant thanked the “professionalism and efficiency of the means” as well as the role of the technical staff in directing, which are “sometimes invisible” but “key”.

Firefighters from Geacam, Infocam Plan, forest firefighters from Toledo Provincial Council, and personnel from Sescam, Red Cross and Civil Defense work in the area.

In addition to the Head of Sustainable Development, the mayors of Robledo del Mazo, Ana Belén Galán, and that of Los Navalucillos, José Ángel Pérez, were present, as well as members of the regional government and technical staff.


Source europapress.es

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