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The Setmana del Llibre in Català celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Assentant-se al Moll de la Fusta


The week of the book in Catalan celebrates its 40th anniversary and will be installed in the Moll de la Fusta in Barcelona, ​​​​in a decision that seems to have changed after the success of the two previous editions in this place near the sea . sponsored by the last two years due to the pandemic related distances. Four decades of impetus, promotion and improvement of books and magazines in Catalan will take place with personalities who believe in four coasts. From September 9th to 18th, 84 cassettes, 259 exhibitors – 206 of them publishers -, 25 bookshops and more than 150 new products from the publishing house will unite the vitality of an industry that has experienced encouraging optimism. As Editors.cat President Joan Abellà said in the presentation of the aquest program, the pandemic has left an undeniable lliçó: “Hi has a refuge value: the book”. I encouraged all actors who may fan the week to “take care of them, appreciate them and fer-la créixer their sensory complexes”.

With 50,000 visitors who will pass through an enclosure of 6,000 square meters, the numbers of each pass will set a record, mainly due to the expansion of the battlefield, which will not face the maximum performance per l’ obligat control d’aforament demand. Leaving the limited space of Avinguda de la Catedral will be a success and this time the organizers hope that the week without restrictions that will continue its potential will set a new record. Les xifres de sortida ja il luminen el camí. Joan Carles Girbés, President of the event, summed up embravit: “We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the week that has turned into the great celebration of Catalan letters.” I Jordi Martí, Tinent d’mayor de Cultura, Educació, Ciència i Comunitat de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona, ​​​​reiterated: “Quedi al Moll de la Fusta is proof that it is a festival, it does not have to be in a community Hello Passers-by of citizens”. I confirmed that my two “allowed me to support a backward language and covered the whole area”.

The Setmana will be a meeting place for audiences, writers, editors and llibreters where the latest editorials of the evening will be presented and more than 300 activities will be organised. Amb the poster by the illustrator Luci Gutiérrez is vol Capture the Plural of l’esdeveniment, on tothom hi pot trobar el seu racó. Presentations of novelties by Ramon Solsona, Mercè Ibarz, Sebastià Benassar or Max Besora, between Molts d’Altres; taules rodones about Marcel Proust, Mercè Rodoreda or Lola Anglada; Recitals by Josep Pedrals, Laia Prat or Vicens Altaió; about signatures of authors and about. Tot això will help create the Clau scene for the promotion of books in Catalan, which is the ultimate goal of the fair, “that people acquire books in Catalan and arrive,” summarized Girbés, who agrees that Enguany is also open will be for Matins, both hours from 11am to 9pm except on September 9th from 5pm to 9pm and Sunday September 18th from 11am to 2pm.

Poster by the illustrator Luci Gutiérrez.

The largest book fair in Catalan will promote reading opportunities with three stages for young people and adults, a family room with a stage, a reading and workshop room, two reading and relaxation rooms, more than one bar and fees food truck. I will also host an exhibition and interactive space by the Institution of Catalan Letters (ILC) and another by the Association of Periodical Publications in Català (APPEC). Dins de l’espai anomenat ‘La Setmana Compromise’, on Editors.cat shows its social commitment to a topic of common interest, which escollit is the Catalan education system, followed by a manifesto with a clear position of ‘ associació amb la immersió linguistically. It is also the splendor of the magic of other anniversaries, such as the 40th anniversary of the QUADERN supplement, the 60th of Grup 62, the 5th of Flaneur, the 20th of Ara Llibres or the 10th of Crims.cat.

Tot plegat begins with the proclamation of Antònia Vicens, Prize of Honor of Catalan Literature 2022, opening the opening act in which the Trajectory Prize is awarded to the writer Joan Francesc Mira (València, 1939) and the Diffusion Prize to Judit Carreras, director of the CCCB . Com bé s’hi ha referit Jordi Martí, that of Miras “is obvious, one day it would arrive”, while that of Carreras “is not so obvious”, but “I feel that aixecar big flags received a treball i quotidià “Books and publishers play a crucial role in stimulating reflection and debate on various societal issues. Carreras, who was present at the event, highlighted the great role of translators, which the CCCB promotes in both directions the collection Breus.

The Trajectory Prize is a work donated each year by an artist, this time by Perico Pastor (La Seu d’Urgell, 1953). Hi haurà més Prizes unfolding as there are several entities that take advantage of the festival’s visibility by awarding their literary prizes such as the Núvol Prize, the Illa de Llibres Prize, the Atrapallibres Prize, the Roc Boronat Prize, the Critica Prize or Nestor Luján, Entre d’Altres.


Source elpais.com

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