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The Senate temporarily allows the overcrowding of Berlin nurseries

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Due to the large number of Ukrainian children who have now arrived in Berlin, the Senate is simplifying the rules for attending kindergarten. The childcare voucher for children who have fled from Ukraine should be issued without red tape and without particular obstacles. The Senate Education Administration points this out in a current support letter.

It says that daycare providers, who showed “very solidarity with the refugees”, would initially use the designated places. In addition, the educational administration “will create simplified occupation options beyond the operating license”, which means that daycare centers can become saturated and admit more children than is normally allowed. This is initially limited to the end of June.

The educational administration goes on to say that it is currently analyzing “to what extent and under what conditions Ukrainian specialists can be recognized or used as intercultural support staff or linguistic mediators in kindergarten and in various care settings.” As of April, the corresponding advisory service will be launched in the Department of Education, Youth and Family of the Senate.

There should be more games in the lodges.

Many of the families who arrived were interned privately by family contacts and thus distributed throughout the city. However, many refugees had no such contacts. They would be housed in emergency shelters and initial reception centers and then in community accommodation. Attempts are being made here to provide complementary care services at the local level.

Currently, the educational administration is in contact with the State Office for Refugee Affairs (LAF) to ensure that areas for care services are also provided in these places. The first experienced operators have declared their willingness to offer mobile games.

In addition, “the existing offer of face-to-face initial education must be ensured and new groups created in the future.” (teaspoonful)

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