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The second part of Overwatch will not have loot boxes

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MADRID, June 17th. (Portaltic/EP) –

surveillance 2the sequel to the video game Overwatch of the same name, will forego the “loot boxes” or reward boxes that this Blizzard-developed “shooter” title has made popular since its launch in 2016.

Also called loot boxes, are mysterious claims embedded in the narrative of video games that consumers purchase with real money to obtain in-game benefits and items.

at OverwatchLoot Crates are automatically earned each time players level up, but can also be purchased as an in-game option and are available in the Blizzard store.

This game uses your Blizzard Account’s primary payment method, either credit card or PayPal, to complete transactions, but also accepts alternative payment methods such as prepaid cards.

However, in the sequel to this franchise, Overwatch 2, this will not be allowed. This free-to-play title, which will be available from October 4th, will not have the popular reward boxes of the first part to get random items.

Blizzard Entertainment announced this it is a statement that as an alternative to the traditional method, players can purchase the items they want through the Battle Pass and a “brand new and constantly updated” in-title shop.

So he suggested that in this space different ‘skins’ and cosmetic accessories for heroeslike flags and weapons without having to go to those undefined loot boxes.

The developer in turn has shared his roadmap, in which it has further developed the novelties integrated in the first two seasons. The first of these begins on October 4th, the game’s initial release date, and includes three new heroes, six maps, a new progression mode, over 30 skins, and an additional Mythic skin.

This first release too will feature characters like Sojurn, Junker Queen and a support hero that wasn’t announced, nor was the 5v5 PvP experience and progression in competitive play, which wasn’t detailed.

The second season, on the other hand, will be available from December 6th and will contain a new tank hero, a map, more than thirty skins and an additional Mythic-looking one, as well as a Battle Pass.

In future seasons, scheduled to launch in 2023, Blizzard plans to offer Overwatch players new heroes, maps, modes, ‘skins’Battle Passes and Player-versus-Environment (PvE) mode.


The announcement of the removal of Overwatch 2 loot boxes comes a few days after the Netherlands and Belgium ran out of Diablo Immortal, also developed by Blizzard due to the Restrictions affecting both countries imposed the ‘loot boxes’.

In these countries, loot boxes have been regulated under gambling legislation. Since the video game is based in part on such digital rewards, downloading it at these locations is prohibited.

Months ago, Electronic Arts (EA) Envelope preview introduced in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (FUT), which allowed you to see what they contained before purchasing them during the Festival of FUTball campaign.

In Spain, for example, reward boxes have become one of the priorities of the Consumer Ministry, which plans to create laws controlling the offering of this type of additional content.

Right now, this portfolio is calling for a public consultation to draft the bill through which it seeks to regulate random reward mechanisms, an initiative that dates back to before the pandemic.

However, during a conference related to the “loot boxes” organized in June, Consumer Minister Alberto Garzón expressed his intention of presenting a specific law on the subject soon.

Source europapress.es

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