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The rector of the CHIP says they will not be a refuge for the demonstrators who arrive in Quito at the request of Leonidas Iza

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Fernando Ponce León, rector of the Pontifical Catholic University (PUCE) indicated that they will not be a refuge for the demonstrators who arrive in Quito, in response to the request of the president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie), Leonidas Iza. The social leader yesterday asked the public universities of Quito to open their doors so that the natives can rest there.

“The Board of Governors, which is the supreme body of the university, decided that we could not accommodate indigenous communities; the conditions are different (as of 2019). Today, we prefer to avoid a humanitarian crisis to not act when it occurs”pointed out Ponce Leon.

The Salesian University will publish a resolution in the afternoon

For her part, María Sol Villagómez, vice-rector of the Salesian University, on the housing of the demonstrators said that this is a resolution that the authorities will take at a council meeting that will take place this after -midday. “The line of Saleciana University is to contribute to the dialogue between the two parties,” he said.


For his part, Carlos Loaiza, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Quito (CCQ), declared that he could experience a food shortage in the coming days due to the strike which blocked access to the highways.

“As long as this is resolved, we will avoid shortages across the country,” he added.

The three parties meeting this morning set a series of conditions for the dialogue between the government and the demonstrators to take place.

  • Ask the Red Cross and the United Nations to find reception areas in order to avoid clashes between citizens.
  • That one of the representatives of the indigenous communities be allowed to enter for the beginning of the dialogue, offering them security conditions.
  • The provision of space to the Government at the Pontifical Catholic University will lead to an urgent dialogue.
  • Invite civil society to support reception spaces with medical supplies and food.

Source metroecuador.com

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