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The rebel with one thing that is revolutionizing the world of mattresses with Jack Beds: “The industry is a bit cowardly”

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Alexandro Arrufat, founder of Jack Beds.With kind approval

He describes himself as the rebel of the mattress industry, which he describes as a bit boring. A world where everything seems made up, but for Alejandro Arrufat, founder of Jack Beds, a statement is far from reality. Restless in his way of speaking and with a speech ready to convince that there is still work to be done in his field, Arrufat says he came into this world while studying communications.

He started out as a salesman for a mattress company (now one of his direct competitors) and soon became the youngest store manager. “I learned a lot, but I saw that you didn’t take care of the customer. My grandfather, who was a tailor, taught me how to handle them at Sunday dinners where football was never discussed. He also taught me the types of fabric available, which were the best…” he says. Some family reunions they created are dormant in Arrufat and when his grandfather died he decided to carry the world as a montera. “I got engaged to my wife, I quit my job and started Jack Beds, which are my grandfather Josep Maria Arrufat Capdevila’s initials, but with a k instead of a c,” he smiles.

In 2017 and at the age of 27 he began his adventure for which he had the capitalization of unemployment, about 8,000 euros. “A project that would not be possible without Andreu Estapé, the brand’s designer, and Max Anguita, Head of Digitization, and my maternal brother,” he says.

They found a factory in Tarragona that trusted their designs and adapted to their needs because, as they say, the big names in the industry like Flex or Pikolin didn’t believe in it, “no one wanted to get wet,” he says .

first store

They created three models and started selling them on-line, who soon made the leap into the store “because I needed contact with people”. With €20,000 borrowed from a friend, they opened the first Jack Beds in Barcelona’s Gracia district and from there they jumped onto Avenida del Paralelo. A business in which, as he says, he had no commercial eye and which had to close due to the customers’ payment difficulties. After receiving a €65,000 loan from ENISA, the company opened two new stores in Barcelona. In 2018, after several ongoing operations, it decided to have its own delivery system. “It’s limited our growth, but it’s how we provide the care we want.”

With only 14 mattresses in its collection, ranging in price from 299 to 1,500 euros, its products are characterized by their fabrics, where synthetics have given way to silk, recycled cotton, organic or viscose, and where the low range and aggressiveness of offers do not fit your plans. Some premises that set it apart from a sector that it considers classic. “Also a bit cowardly. You don’t want to take any risks. We found the market niche of quality while the rest just go for price cuts. There are no Mercedes cars with a 70% discount,” he says.

With no investment rounds, now seems like the time to jump into this form of financing. He has completed a €250,000 round between family and friends, which Arrufat says he intends to use to pay off debts that account for 10% of his turnover, which was estimated at €1.8 million in 2021. “So if I want to open a business, no one can deny me that opportunity. I only do it for that. I don’t need anyone to tell me how to grow. Getting more money would result in me losing control and losing Jack Beds DNA.”

With 40 employees, it has five branches in Barcelona and two in San Cugat del Vallés. His expansion plan includes opening two more in Barcelona this year, “we will stop when we have eight here and 14 or 15 in Catalonia”. Between 2023 and 2025, she wants to reach other cities around Barcelona, ​​​​​​Madrid and the Basque Country. At the same time, he wants to introduce his mattress brand in small communities. Some plans with which he wants to double sales. “Now people are knocking on my door who didn’t want me before,” emphasizes Arrufat.

Source elpais.com

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