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The queen’s son without scandals: Prince Edward celebrates his birthday

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The son of the queen without scandals: Prince Edward celebrates his birthday

Elizabeth II’s youngest son is also the least known. But that could soon change if he does indeed become State Councillor.

The queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, turned 58. “We wish the Earl of Wessex a happy birthday,” the British royal family’s official Twitter account said of a photo of the royals on Thursday.

Edward and his wife Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, will travel to Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada and several other smaller Commonwealth countries in April to represent the monarchy on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th birthday. The couple is considered down to earth and must be in close contact with the Queen.

Ever since Prince Andrew (62), Edward’s older brother, was barred from public duties, Edward has played a slightly bigger role in public life. Observers even hope that he may be appointed a so-called “Councilor of State”, that is, as a member of the family who can officially represent the Queen as head of state. To date, both Andrew and Prince Harry still hold this rank, although both are no longer actively involved in the British royal family.

Prince Edward is the queen’s only son who has not been divorced. There are also no known big scandals around Edward.

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