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The Public Prosecutor clarifies the penalties for crimes of attack against freedom

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The Public Ministry of the State clarified, through a tweet published today Wednesday, through social networks, the penalties for crimes of aggression against freedom.
The Public Ministry indicated that according to article 395 of Federal Decree-Law No. 31 of 2021, by which the Crimes and Sanctions Law is promulgated, which establishes that whoever kidnaps, arrests, detains or deprives a person of their liberty , by any means illegally, will be punished with temporary imprisonment, by itself or through another, the penalty will be life imprisonment in the following cases:

If the act occurred by impersonation of a public office, or attempt to perform or entrust a public service, or false communication, and if the act was committed with deception, or was accompanied by the use of force, or the threat of death , or serious harm, or acts of physical or psychological torture, and if the act occurred by two or more persons or by a person carrying a weapon, and if the period of kidnapping, arrest, detention or deprivation of liberty exceeds one month, and if the victim is female, minor, insane, imbecile, or a person with a disability.

Whoever with his act has the purpose of obtaining, taking revenge, raping the victim, attacking his honor, injuring him or forcing him to commit a crime, and in the event that the act is committed against a public official in the exercise of his position. work, or because of it, will be punished with life imprisonment.

If the act produces the death of the victim, the penalty will be the death penalty, and the penalty prescribed for the original perpetrator will be imposed on whoever mediates in the commission of any of the crimes referred to in this article, as well as any to hide a kidnapped person with knowledge of it.


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