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The PSOE withdraws the initiative to shield the Attorney General if he leaves office

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Finally, the PSOE has decided to withdraw its proposal presented last March, with which it intended to ensure a future professional promotion for Attorney General Dolores Delgado. Socialist spokesman in Congress Héctor Gómez said this Tuesday that his faction decided to withdraw it after speaking to the other factions and understanding that “it wasn’t the time” because they didn’t have enough support to proceed, but he has defended that it was not an “ad hoc” measure to shield the current Attorney General, but the idea was to “anchor” a way out for all Attorneys General. The initiative has raised a lot of dust, both in substance and in form, since the PSOE, through an amendment, included it in the parliamentary processing of the Insolvency Act, a regulation that regulates the insolvency proceedings of companies and which has no relation to the functioning of the Ministry of State.

The proposal envisaged amending the Law of the Organ Statute of the Public Prosecutor’s Office so that if the position of Attorney General is filled by a professional prosecutor, the latter “upon his dismissal shall receive the category of Supreme Court Prosecutor”. In Delgado’s case, if this change were not made, the current Attorney General would return to her position as Public Prosecutor of the National High Court at the end of her mandate, a position lower than that of courtroom prosecutor she would have if The socialist change is approved, which means promotion to the highest category of the race.

The PSOE denied making a “tailor-made” lawsuit for Delgado, claiming that the amendment proposing the promotion of the attorney general to the category of courtroom prosecutor if she is removed from office is one of the group’s proposed recommendations Be of States Against Corruption Council of Europe (Greco). But all his faction partners distanced themselves from the idea, including United We Can, more annoyed with the forms (he complained that he had not been heard and refused to propose an amendment to the bankruptcy law) than with the content. The PSOE parliamentary spokesman admitted today that after discussions with the political groups, the Social Democrats have decided to withdraw the initiative. “The original purpose was not an ad hoc measure in a specific case, but after discussions with the political groups we understood that it was not the time to have this amendment and we decided to withdraw it,” explained Gómez .

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