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The PSOE says that there was no lack of empathy on the part of Sánchez after the jump in Melilla and asks that Interior work

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Responds to the PP’s criticism of the INE that the Popularists are using the Interior Ministry against their rivals


PSOE spokesman in Congress Héctor Gómez pointed out Tuesday that Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez initially lacked empathy after the deaths of several sub-Saharan nationals trying to cross the fence in Melilla. He has also asked for the Interior Ministry to be allowed to work in the face of investigative requests requested by various political groups.

Sánchez pointed out that Morocco’s actions in attempting to attack the Melilla fence, which killed nearly 30 people, was a “well-solved” case. For this reason, when asked if the president lacked empathy, Gómez explained that the CEO had made clear his “obligation” to avoid “so dramatic” situations due to the migration phenomenon.

In an interview on TVE collected by Europa Press, Gómez pointed out that the government has “never” objected but is now in the “clarification phase” for which it is asking for “caution” and letting the inside service work.

“Always willing to work with parliamentary groups, to appear in the Chamber, but at this stage to let previous investigative work by the Ombudsman and the Interior Ministry work on such a sensitive phenomenon as migration,” he stressed.

However, the spokesman has reiterated the government’s “commitment” that images like Melilla’s will no longer be produced, including in “other areas” where lives have been claimed. “We deeply regret this situation,” he said.


When asked about the PP’s criticism following the resignation of the President of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Juan Manuel Rodríguez Poo, Gómez accused the PP of having done everything to come to power, including using the Ministry of the Interior and the police want to “attack political rivals”. “The thief thinks everyone is in their condition,” he has expressed.

Likewise, Gómez has pointed out that the government has acted with composure and fulfilled the necessary appointments, because when a person has resigned, it is their “responsibility to replace” and manage the institutions with “total transparency”.

PP Deputy Secretary for Institutions Esteban González Pons on Monday condemned Sánchez’s “institutional attack” on Indra and the INE following the defeat in Andalusia’s elections.

Faced with the “dynamics of the attack on the government and the blocking of the institutions capitalized by the PP”, the socialist asked the “popular population” what is happening so that they join the constitutional mandate for the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

Source europapress.es

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