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The PSOE deplores the deaths of migrants in Melilla and counts them among the ‘migratory phenomenon’: ‘It’s nothing new’

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The PSOE parliamentary spokesman in Congress, Héctor Gómez, has assured that both the government and its President, as well as the Socialist Group and the PSOE regret “very much” and “with great pain” what is “experienced” Melilla”, but, as he has indicated, it is “unfortunately nothing new” and is part of the “migration phenomenon” of the “recent years”.

“Today we live this reality so, so, so hard because of what we lived in Melilla, but we have been suffering from the migration phenomenon for too many years and with increasing pressure,” the socialist representative said at a press conference in Congress.

In this sense, he pointed out that “boats have been lost” and with them “hundreds and thousands” of migrants in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic; and has pointed out that “the food crisis” or “Putin’s war in Ukraine” create “greater pressures”. This, he pointed out, along with “other conditions” is leading to “people’s desperate flight” from their countries.

In his opinion, it is a “global phenomenon” and “very sensitive” that must be “solidarity and with international cooperation and cooperation”.


According to the Socialist parliamentary spokesman, “if anyone is committed to this issue,” it is Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, whose work he has highlighted in promoting migration policies in the EU or is making “efforts” to “provide infrastructure and shelter ” for the Autonomous Communities “dismantled during the PP government”.

For Gómez, Sánchez has carried out a “real policy of public effort to help the most vulnerable, including migrants” and “facilitating their entry in the best conditions”, while at the same time trying to “counter the offensive at the source”. the mafias who, as he pointed out, are endangering the lives of these people.

When asked about his position on the mafia’s responsibility for the events in Melilla, as emphasized by the Prime Minister, Gómez indicated that he was on the side of the work of the Ministry of Interior and Foreign Affairs and had called to wait for the investigation, these two departments, as ombudsman “before shaping” the events in each scenario.

Nevertheless, he recalled that the mafia “operated before” and “risked the lives of many innocent people”. “That’s undeniable,” he declared.

Source europapress.es

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