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The PSOE-A achieved on 19.J. her worst historical result in some elections in Andalusia, far from the millions voted by Susana Díaz in 2018

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Seville, June 19 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The PSOE-A, led by Juan Espadas, has had its worst result in an Andalusian regional election this Sunday, June 19, 2022, with 30 seats in the regional parliament and around 127,000 votes below its lowest mark so far, which they were the 1,010,889 Votes she achieved in the previous regional elections on December 2, 2018, when the socialist candidacy was led by her then secretary general, Susana Díaz.

In this way, on June 19, the PSOE-A, with Juan Espadas as Secretary General and candidate for President of the Board, received 3.85 percentage points fewer votes and 127,463 fewer votes, with a count of 99.64%. Specifically, in the previous election for the Andalusian Autonomous Parliament, the Socialists obtained a total of 1,010,889 votes, 27.9% of the total, which corresponded to 33 deputies.

Following this appointment, the general elections took place on April 28 and November 10, 2019, in the latter appointment the PSOE obtained 1,425,126 votes and 25 seats in the Chamber of Deputies of the 61 elected since Andalusia.

To continue the history of regional elections in Andalusia since the beginning of 1982, the PSOE-A reduced the number of seats compared to all previous elections.

Specifically, the PSOE-A won 47 MPs in the March 22, 2015 elections; 43 in those of March 25, 2012; 56 in those of March 9, 2008; 61 in those of March 14, 2004 and 52 in those of March 12, 2000.

Previously, the Socialists had also won 52 seats in the Andalusian Parliament after the March 3, 1996 elections; 45 after those of June 12, 1994; 62 after those of June 23, 1990; 60 after those of June 22, 1986 and 66 after the first Andalusian regional elections of May 23, 1982.

In terms of vote share, the 24% that the PSOE-A achieved in these June 19 elections is lower than the 27.9% registered in the December 2, 2018 elections.

Previously, the Socialists won 35.2 percent of the vote in the 2015 election; 39.5% in those of 2012; 48.4% in 2008; 50.3% in 2004; 44.3% in 2000; 44.05% in 1996; 38.7% in 1994; 50.1% in 1990; 47.2% in 1986 and 52.5% in 1982.

In this way, the regional elections in which the PSOE got the most votes in Andalusia was that of 2004, with Manuel Chaves as candidate for President of the Board of Directors, when he received a total of 2,260,545 votes, equivalent to 61 deputies in Parliament. However, it achieved the most seats – up to 66 – in the Andalusian Chamber in the first elections in 1982, after receiving 1,496,522 votes.

On the contrary, the worst result up to this appointment of the PSOE in the regional elections in Andalusia on June 19, in terms of votes, came in the previous call for 2018, when it received 1,010,889 votes and 33 deputies that it had so far is the lowest number of seats in Parliament achieved by socialists in the community.

Source europapress.es

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