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The price of the dollar today in Sudan, Saturday March 19, 2022

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The price of the dollar stabilized today in Sudan, during the first operations of the morning of Saturday, March 19, 2022, with the banks and the unofficial parallel (black) market.

The Sudanese are facing a very complex economic situation after the decision to liberalize the exchange rate of the local currency (the pound) against the foreign currency, which was reflected in prices that skyrocketed, forcing thousands of families to abandon the purchase of basic necessities or reduce their quantity in order to meet the increasing pressure of life.

Recently, Sudan has the highest inflation rate in the Arab world, and during the year 2020, the inflation in Sudan reached record levels exceeding 400%.

On Tuesday, the Sudanese Central Bureau of Statistics said the annual inflation rate in the country fell to 258.40% in February from 259.8% in January.

The price of the dollar today in Sudan

The price of the dollar in Sudan stabilized today Saturday at the Central Bank of Sudan, to register some 445.39 pounds for purchase, and 448.73 pounds for sale, and the price of the green currency maintained its level in the market Sudanese black, clocking in at 615 lbs.

gold export ban

The Central Bank of Sudan issued a new circular entitled to relevant banks and authorities regarding the policies, purchase and export of concession companies and small mining companies, in which the export of gold by government agencies and foreigners was prohibited , individuals and companies, with the exception of mining concessionaires operating in Central Sudan in the purchase of gold for the sole purpose of building reserves.

The publication canceled previous posts and issued directives for new work starting today.

The circular stipulated, in the case of exporting free gold, the advance only according to international stock prices, and a guarantee check for the value to be exported, as well as a certified pledge from the Gold Exporters Division signed by at least two signatures of the total number of approved signatures, and in the event that the export is not carried out upon presentation of a letter of guarantee with the desired value.

He stressed the need to notify the Bank of Sudan’s foreign exchange department in case the customer does not return the manufacturing gold within a month, in order to take the necessary measures. He stressed that the proceeds of issuance in bank accounts for a maximum period of 21 days, and in case the period is exceeded, is purchased for the benefit of the Bank of Sudan at the advertised price.

The circular allowed concessionaire companies to export 70% of the remainder for production after deducting government shares of zakat, large yields and trade profits in kind, as long as the proceeds remained in their accounts inside or outside Sudan. for use as stipulated in the signed agreements. , and the remaining 30% is sold to the Bank of Sudan or its authorized representative.

Although the circular allowed small mining companies to export 15% of the rest of the production after collecting the government’s shares in kind of the total production, as long as the profits are kept in a special account for the companies with the Bank of Sudan to be used for the specified purposes, and allowed the sale of the proceeds for the benefit of the Bank of Sudan at its declared exchange rate. The remaining 85 per cent was sold to the Bank of Sudan or its representative, and the owner of the proceeds was allowed to use it for imports on the basis of 70 per cent for strategic goods and 30 per cent for essential goods.

The price of the euro and the pound today in Sudan

The price of the European euro at the Central Bank of Sudan stabilized today Saturday at the level of 484.56 pounds for purchase and 488.19 pounds for sale. The price of the European euro also stabilized on the unofficial parallel market ( black) Sudanese at the 670-pound level.

Today, Saturday, the price of the pound sterling in Sudan reached the level of 588.68 pounds for buying and 593.09 pounds for selling, and the pound sterling on the Sudanese parallel (black) market recorded 799 pounds.

The price of the riyal, dirham and dinar today in Sudan

On Saturday, the price of the Saudi riyal in Sudan with the banks registered around 118.71 pounds for purchase and 119.60 pounds for sale, and the price of the riyal on the Sudanese black market maintained its level at 164 pounds.

Trading screens at the Central Bank of Sudan showed the price of the Emirati dirham today at the level of 121.26 pounds for buying and 122.17 pounds for selling, with the Emirati dirham registering on the Sudanese black market at about 168 pounds .

The price of the Kuwaiti dinar in Sudan today Saturday in the Central Bank of Sudan was about 1458.88 pounds for the purchase and 1469.83 pounds for the sale.

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