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The price of the dollar today in Lebanon, Monday, March 14, 2022

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The price of the dollar in Lebanon fell today, Monday, March 14, 2022, on the unofficial parallel (black) market, during early trading today.

The Banque du Liban announced in a statement: “Transaction volume on the Sayrafa platform amounted to $92 million in transactions on Friday night, at a rate of 20,750 Lebanese pounds per dollar, according to the exchange rates of the operations carried out by banks and exchange houses. institutions on the platform.”

He added: “Banks and exchange houses must continue to record all purchase and sale transactions on the Sayrafa platform, in accordance with the circulars issued in this regard.”

The price of the dollar in Lebanon today

The price of the dollar in Lebanon fell today, Sunday March 13, 2022, to range between 22,400 and 22,500 pounds per dollar, compared to 22,500 and 22,550 pounds per dollar yesterday.

Finance and business experts in Lebanon attributed the rise in the dollar exchange rate in the parallel market against the price announced on the Sayrafa platform to two reasons. The second reason is political interference in the dollar market.

In statements to local media, they pointed out that the real crisis is the shortage of dollars.

They stressed the need for the government to conclude an agreement with the International Monetary Fund today before tomorrow, otherwise we are headed for the worst, according to statements by “The Voice of All Lebanon”.

They expected a new increase in the exchange rate in the parallel market because we are in competition with the countries in terms of imports, pointing out that Lebanon has not concluded any agreement so far despite ongoing contacts in addition to the continuation of the monopoly in absence of a ministerial committee to dissuade him.

They extend the decision to buy dollars for banks

The Central Bank of Lebanon extended the decision to allow banks to buy dollars without a ceiling through its exchange platform until the end of this month of March.

The central bank raised the ceiling last month in a move Banque du Liban governor Riad Salameh said was aimed at curbing volatility in the currency market.

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