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The price of rental housing rose 5.9% year-on-year in May, according to Fotocasa

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In May, the price increased in 15 communes compared to the previous year, with the Valencian Community leading the way (+17.1%).


The price of a rental apartment in Spain rose by 1.3% mom and 5.9% year-on-year to 11.03 euros per square meter (euros/m2) in May, according to data from Fotocasa’s Real Estate Index.

The study leader and spokesperson for Fotocasa, María Matos, has indicated that three months after the presentation, the rental price “not only consolidates its trend reversal, but also reaches historical highs in Spain”, since in May the rental price exceeded for the first times in the entire historical series 11.03 euros/m2 per month.

Matos has pointed out that the reasons could lie in the fact that the demand for rentals has rebounded “so quickly” that the market does not give it time to absorb it, and also in the drop in supply that has been “very significant ” has been reduced “.” in recent months, making access to housing even more difficult due to the decreasing availability of “warehouses” and higher prices, combined with ever-increasing inflation.

Thus, the Fotocasa study shows that 15 municipalities increase the price in May compared to the previous year and in four municipalities it exceeds double digits, while in the Valencian Community it exceeds 15% year-on-year.

They increased in the Valencian Community (+17.1%), the Canary Islands (+12.1%), the Region of Murcia (+11.6%), Castile-La Mancha (+10.3%), Extremadura (+9.9%), Balearic Islands (+8.9%), Catalonia (+7.3%), Cantabria (+7.3%), Galicia (+7.3%), Madrid (+7.0 %)), Asturias (+5.9%), Castile and Leon (+5.7%), Andalusia (+3.4%), Aragon (+3.0%) and the Basque Country (+0.6%) ).

On the other hand, in La Rioja the rental price decreased by 2.9% and in Navarre by 1.4%.

Therefore, in May, six municipalities exceeded the maximum rents per square meter per month: the Canary Islands with 10.53 euros/m2 per month, the Valencian Community (9.71 euros/m2), the Region of Murcia (8.20 euros/m2 ) , Castilla y León (7.85 euros/m2), Galicia (7.82 euros/m2) and Extremadura (6.08 euros/m2).


In the ranking of the Autonomous Communities with the most expensive rents, Catalonia and Madrid are in first place with prices of 14.90 euros/m2 per month and 14.74 euros/m2 per month respectively.

They are followed by the Basque Country (13.30 euros/m2), the Balearic Islands (12.37 euros/m2), the Canary Islands (10.53 euros/m2), Cantabria (9.99 euros/m2), Navarre (9, 82 euros/m2) and the Valencian Community (9.71 euros/m2).

Only Castilla-La Mancha with 6.53 euros/m2 and Extremadura with 6.08 euros/m2 and month are below seven euros per square meter and month.


Analyzing rental prices compared to those a year ago, in 42 of the 44 provinces analyzed (95%), rental prices increased in May compared to the previous year, while in 14 provinces they were in double digits, notably in Huelva, exceeding 30.4% in the year-to-year comparison.

The increases above 10% occur in: Huelva (+30.4%), Segovia (+20.7%), Cuenca (+18.9%), Alicante (+18.6%), Lugo (+18, 0%), Las Palmas (+17.3%). , Malaga (+17.3%), Girona (+14.2%), Badajoz (+14.1%), Valencia (+13.5%), Castellón (+12.3%), Jaén (+12 .0%), Murcia (+11.6%) and Pontevedra (+11.0%).

However, the most expensive provinces are Barcelona (15.71 euros/m2), Guipúzcoa (15.56 euros/m2), Madrid (14.74 euros/m2), Vizcaya (13.02 euros/m2), Balearic Islands ( 12.37 euros/m2). ), Huelva (12.05 euros/m2), Las Palmas (11.31 euros/m2) and Malaga (11.04 euros/m2).

On the other hand, only two provinces experienced decreases, namely: La Rioja with 2.9% less and Navarra with 1.4% less.

Source europapress.es

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