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The price of fuel no longer goes down

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Munich (dpa) – The recent significant drop in fuel prices stalled over the weekend. After fuel became several cents cheaper from Thursday to Friday, prices have since stagnated, the ADAC announced.

Diesel cost 2,160 euros per liter of daily average at the national level on Sunday. That’s 0.6 cent less than Friday. Premium E10 gasoline cost 2,087 euros a liter on Sunday. That’s 0.8 cent more than Friday.

Overall, diesel is a good 16 cents cheaper than it was at its peak, but it’s still nearly 50 cents more expensive than it was before the start of the Ukraine war. E10 is almost 12 cents cheaper than at the top, but still almost 34 cents more expensive than it was before the war started.

A step in the right direction

Friday’s drop was a step in the right direction, based on current ADAC developments. “Overall, fuel prices remain too high and significant reductions are still needed,” a spokesman said.

Oil prices have risen again recently. Normally, fuel prices follow their evolution. In the course of the Ukraine war, however, they had become decoupled: prices at gas stations had risen much more than could be explained by the price of oil.

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