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The PP says Dolores Delgado’s departure “changes nothing” and sees a missed opportunity to “honour” prosecutors.


Rollán believes it is “more of the same” and complains that the government has not contacted the PP to inform him about the new prosecutor


Deputy Secretary for Regional and Local Coordination, Pedro Rollán, assured this Tuesday that the resignation of Dolores Delgado as Attorney General and the appointment of his successor, Álvaro García Ortiz, “changes nothing” and is a “missed opportunity” for the prosecutor “appreciate” and promote the independence of the judiciary. He also pointed out that the new prosecutor is “someone with a remarkable closeness” to the PSOE, for which the CEO “is trying again on the same stone”.

“It’s more the same,” Rollán said when asked specifically whether the appointment of the new attorney general paved the way for the renewal of pending constitutional bodies such as the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

At a press conference at the PP headquarters, following the meeting of the party’s steering committee, chaired by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, Rollán indicated that the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez had decided to “entrench himself” and the independents we already can, as to have allies.

After denouncing the institutions’ “will to control,” Sánchez hinted that there were “many more independent professionals” and with “exemplary” careers who could have filled the post at the head of the Attorney General’s Office.

“I don’t understand why Pedro Sánchez, who could have paid tribute to the character of the Attorney General, especially because he was reviled with a former minister, missed an opportunity,” explained the also senator and former president of the Community from Madrid.


Asked whether Delgado’s departure would facilitate negotiations with the PSOE on judicial matters, he stressed that it was “very complicated” to negotiate with Sánchez and the PSOE, as he said the “express” judicial reform had shown with “Night and Treachery” to renew the Constitutional Court.

“Two people disagree if one doesn’t want to,” he proclaimed, adding that the PP “always has a hand in real affairs of state.” Furthermore, Rollán has pointed out that the government has not even contacted the PP to announce the appointment of the new Attorney General.



Source europapress.es

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