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The PP denies internal differences over the energy plan and sees the “divisive” voices in the Basque Country and in the PSOE

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The PP’s Deputy Secretary for Economic Affairs, Juan Bravo, has assured that the party is taking a “unique” position on the government’s energy plan after the President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, refused to implement the measures. He also stressed that there were “disharmonious” voices in the PSOE and in Esukadi, too, who denied that this was done “due to coercion”.

In an interview on Radio Nacional picked up by Europa Press, the “popular” leader pointed out that the Basque Country “does not share” the plan of the Executive and the Spanish President on the Autonomous Communities stage. Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), Abel Caballero. “You don’t have to focus on the PP, but there are more people or more parties, even their own, that don’t see it that way,” he claimed.

He also pointed out that he “does not find that many differences” with the Basque government’s position because “the PNV has expanded its jurisdiction and certain measures are not applied on its territory,” he affirmed. “There are conflicting voices if they want to focus on the PP then perfect but we have all said we want the measures not to be imposed,” Bravo added.

In this sense, he claims that the main criticism of the PP is “doing it unilaterally” and has defended that the formula for reaching an agreement could be different. “It can be the ministries that, together with the ministry, take on the part of the energy,” he suggested, while stressing that this type of action must be “consensual”.


Bravo has denied that there is a “discussion” on the issue of energy efficiency, pointing out that the problem is why “as opposed to positive stimuli” such as subsidies from European funds to encourage this saving “must be the opposite”. ‘ and announce additional sanctions.

“We understand that there is another way of doing things (…) We need to be able to respond with logical and consensual responses when possible,” he added.

Next, he warned the government that they “can’t use this energy field curtain to not talk about other things,” such as the economic situation in general, because “there’s one important scenario that after the last one doesn’t is being worked”. Unemployment data.

When asked if they fear the censorship of Ayuso’s “selfishness” will be used to wear Feijóo down, Bravo pointed out that when they talk about the substance, “there are more who think the same thing” as the Regional president, but if they’re talking about the person maybe “Sanchez is looking for a conflict again”. “I think they’re wrong because the Madridians have already decided what they want, just like the Galicians or the Andalusians,” he added.

Source europapress.es

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